Logistics Services


Properly managing your supplies is essential to protecting your people, streamlining your processes, and increasing productivity. For support with your vending needs, count on our experts for help. Through our inventory management program, we can help you maintain safety compliance, control inventory, and increase cost effectiveness.

Versatile, Scalable Vending Solutions

ULS Inventory Manager™ vending solutions provide versatile and scalable inventory management options for your business. With secure product access and 24/7/365 availability, you can be sure your people are equipped with the right products for your operations.

  • Improve your visibility to spend, optimize your inventory, and reduce costs
  • Carousel, locker, and drawer-based hardware configuration options
  • Advanced, intelligent hardware and software controls that access and eliminate misuse and waste through rationing and restriction policies
  • Management of lot-controlled items and valuable assets
  • Customizable reporting functionality that provides a complete audit trail on all transactions, ensuring compliance through automatically generated reports showing inventory levels

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