Accessing Web Quotes

Once you generate a web quote from your cart, it will become available immediately as a PDF link that you can view or download. This PDF will also be emailed to you so you can access it later or send it to one of your colleagues.

If you need to access the quote later, sign in to your account and select Quotes from the Your Account dropdown.

From the Quotes page, you can view all of your quotes and toggle between different accounts. Please note, if you’re using a punchout system via your B2B engagement, you cannot use the toggle functionality. To find a specific quote, you can search by quote or catalog number or filter by sales or web quotes. You can also sort by quote number, date created, and expiration date.

Once you find the quote you’re looking for, you can click on either View Details or the quote number to view the quote.

Anyone with a valid profile that is linked to the business account that generated the web quote can access that web quote and use it to place an order.