Ordering with Quotes through an eProcurement Punchout

Quotes generated by your Fisher Scientific sales representative can easily be accessed via the Fisher Scientific punchout and should be processed as a catalog order.*

Follow these steps to access your quote and start your order:

  1. Once you receive a quote number from your sales representative,
    log in to your eProcurement system and go to the Fisher Scientific
    punchout catalog.
  2. Open the Your Account dropdown in the blue bar and select Quotes.
  3. Search for and select your quote number.
  4. Select items you want to order using the checkbox and click Add to Cart.
  5. Finally, click Transfer to Your Purchasing System.

Learn more about ordering through an eProcurement system.

*Please do not process quote orders manually as a non-catalog order. Manual orders are processed manually and will generate a non-electronic invoice, which can create payment/credit hold issues. If you do not see your quote in the quotes list, please reach out to your sales representative for assistance.