Air Systems International

Air Systems™ Auto-Air™ / Breather Box™ Air Filtration System Accessory, Remote Alarm

Designed to duplicate local alarms found on primary equipment to signal workers in a remote location of an alarm condition with their system

Air Systems™ Cascade Air Cylinders

For use with 19-806-340 Bottle Fill Assembly

Air Systems™ SCBA Accessory, Pneumatic Whistle Alarm

Designed to alert workers when there is approximately 500psi. left in breathing air cylinders being used

Air Systems™ Cascade System: Breathing Air Assembly

Cascade system offers an alternative to air cylinder refill using air compressors

Air Systems™ Venturi-Style Pneumatic Air Blower Tank Adapter

For use with petroleum tanks and Venturi style pneumatic air horns/eductors

Air Systems™ Replacement Bags for HEPA Vacuums

For use with AV-2 Series Electric HEPA filtered vacuums

Air Systems™ Cascade Bottle Fill Whip Cylinders

For use with Bottle Fill Assembly