Air Systems International

Air Systems™ COOL-BOX™ Breathing Air Compressor Personal Cooling Device

Cools supplied air for supplied-air respirators

Air Systems™ Auto-Air Intrisically Safe Portable Breathing Air Filtration Boxes

Grade-D filtration system designed to provide breathing air for specific number of workers

Air Systems™ Low-Pressure Portable Breathing Air Compressors

Portable, oilless sources for use with Type C continuous-flow respirators only (0 to 15psi)

Air Systems™ Cascade Bottle Fill Whip Cylinders

For use with Bottle Fill Assembly

Air Systems™ International Remote Replacement Cylinders

Disposable replacement cylinders for accurate calibration

Air Systems™ Cascade System: Breathing Air Assembly

Cascade system offers an alternative to air cylinder refill using air compressors

Air Systems™ Confined Space Ventilation Kit: Accessories

Accessories for Air Systems Confined Space Ventilation Kit

Air Systems™ Electric Blower

Purges air in confined work areas

Air Systems™ MACK-NFPA™ Series Air-Distribution System

Designed for confined-space rescue teams