Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ ExoFit™ Full Body Harnesses

With quick connect and parachute buckles

DBI/Sala™ Sealed Self-Retracting Lifeline

Removes the danger of trailing lines

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Vertical Rope Lifelines

Self locking snap hook at one end and tapered at other for easy connection to anchorage

DBI/Sala™ Vest-Type Harnesses

Designed for freedom of movement and fall restraint

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Salalift II Winch and Tripod Rescue Systems

With overload clutch that reduces chance of injury to entangled worker

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Rope Lifeline Assembly

With stainless-steel self-locking snap hooks at either end for easy attachment and set-up

DBI/Sala™ Crossover Full-Body Harnesses

Lightweight polyester for all-day wear

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Body Belts

With coated corrosion resistant hardware

Capital Safety™ ExoFit Nex™ Construction Style Full Body Harnesses

Made for general construction work and have excellent tool-carrying capability