DBI Sala Inc.

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Fixed I-Beam Anchor

Easily adjustable in any orientation or direction

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Talon™ Self-Retracting Lifelines

Engineered for reliable protection with automatic lock and unlock system

DBI/Sala™ Sealed Self-Retracting Lifeline: Carrying Cases

Carrying cases for DBI/Sala Sealed Self-Retracting Lifelines

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Talon™ Self Retracting Lifelines

Engineered for reliable protection with automatic lock and unlock system

Capital Safety DBI/Sala™ Salalift™ II Winch

Salalift II WInches provide a means to raise or lower a worker or to retrieve an incapacitated worker to safety.

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Carrying Bags

Safety harness accessory rope bags

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Ultra-Lok™ Web Self-Retracting Lifelines

Consists of anti-ratcheting twin disc brake system with an audio indicator for security

Capital Safety™ ExoFit Nex™ Construction Style Full Body Harnesses

Made for general construction work and have excellent tool-carrying capability

DBI/Sala™ Mounted D-Ring Anchorage Plate

Provides solid, safe anchorage for fall protection systems

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Salalift II Winch and Tripod Rescue Systems

With overload clutch that reduces chance of injury to entangled worker

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Body Belts

With coated corrosion resistant hardware

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Nano-Lok™ Self Retracting Lifeline

Has wide variety of configurations available for complete jobsite versatility and flexibility.

DBI/Sala™ ExoFit™ Vest-Style Harness

No-tangle “X” design dons easily

DBI/Sala™ Sayfline™ Horizontal Lifeline System

Kernmantle rope lifeline assembly with tensioning device

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Order Picker Fall Protection System

With reserve lifeline retention system for added safety