DBI Sala Inc.

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

Helps to prevent the effects of suspension trauma after a fall

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Carrying Bags

Safety harness accessory rope bags

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ ExoFit NEX™ Vest-Style Harness

For comfort, security and no-tangle donning.

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Boatswains Chair

Boatswain's Chair with Seat Board and Tongue Buckle Belt with Back D-ring

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Rope Lifeline Assembly

With stainless-steel self-locking snap hooks at either end for easy attachment and set-up

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Vertical Rope Lifelines

Self locking snap hook at one end and tapered at other for easy connection to anchorage

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Talon™ Self-Retracting Lifelines

Engineered for reliable protection with automatic lock and unlock system

Capital Safety™ ExoFit Nex™ Construction Style Full Body Harnesses

Made for general construction work and have excellent tool-carrying capability

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Sayfline™ Horizontal Lifeline System

Kernmantle rope lifeline assembly with tensioning device

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Construction Cross-over Style Harnesses

Construction harness with parachute and pass-through buckles

3M™ DBI-SALA™ ExoFit NEX™ Cross-Over Style Positioning/Climbing Harness

Provide the freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential when speed and efficiency are project requirements. 3M™ DBI-SALA™ ExoFit NEX™ Cross-Over Style Positioning/Climbing Harness is designed using materials that last.