Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Delta II Construction Vest-Style Harnesses

No-Tangle™ design provides high level of comfort and easy donning

DBI/Sala™ Delta™ II No-Tangle™ Construction Harnesses

No-tangle design holds harness shape for easy donning

DBI/Sala™ Crossover Full-Body Harnesses

Lightweight polyester for all-day wear

Capital Safety DBI/Sala™ Salalift™ II Winch

Salalift II WInches provide a means to raise or lower a worker or to retrieve an incapacitated worker to safety.

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Rope Lifeline Assembly

With stainless-steel self-locking snap hooks at either end for easy attachment and set-up

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Salalift II Winch and Tripod Rescue Systems

With overload clutch that reduces chance of injury to entangled worker

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Carrying Bags

Safety harness accessory rope bags

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Body Belts

With coated corrosion resistant hardware

Capital Safety DBI/Sala™ Storage Bags

Safety harness accessory rope bags

DBI/Sala™ ExoFit™ Vest-Style Harness

No-tangle “X” design dons easily

DBI/Sala™ Construction Cross-over Style Harnesses

Construction harness with parachute and pass-through buckles

DBI/Sala™ Vest-Type Harnesses

Designed for freedom of movement and fall restraint

Capital Safety™ DBI SALA™ Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

Helps to prevent the effects of suspension trauma after a fall

DBI/Sala™ Sealed Self-Retracting Lifeline: Carrying Cases

Carrying cases for DBI/Sala Sealed Self-Retracting Lifelines

Capital Safety™ DBI/Sala™ Vest-Style Harnesses

Safety harnesses available in a variety of sizes