Denoyer Geppert Company

Laboratory Charts Products for Science Education

Instant access to common laboratory techniques and safety rules.

Styrofoam Balls Products for Science Education

Low-cost alternative to wood molecular model kits.

Deluxe Spinal Cord Products for Science Education

3-D model fosters comprehension better than any textbook illustration.

Biomechanical Kits Products for Science Education

Offer a complete lab-tested system for teaching and learning the musculoskeletal system

Biomechanical Heart Kit Products for Science Education

Simulates all of the key functional features of the human heart

Giant Five-Part Eyeball Products for Science Education

Over 40 hand-coded features to illustrate the eye's complexity.

Giant Dicot Flower Products for Science Education

Explore the inner workings of plant life with this giant dicot flower.

Giant Hands-On Ear Products for Science Education

Three-part ear model is five times life size.

Heart and Respiratory Organs Products for Science Education

Study the heart-lung relationship in a life-size thoracic model.

Plant Growth and Development Chart Set Products for Science Education

Illustrates reproductive role of flowers, representative plant life histories and the chief parts of flowering plants.

Astronomy Charts Products for Science Education

Earth, Sun and Moon: these colorful charts bring the whole solar system to your classroom

Giant Hands-On DNA Model Products for Science Education

Towering nearly three feet tall, this DNA model is ideal for presentations or hands-on investigations.

Kidney Model Products for Science Education

Detailed model shows blood supply and drainage.

Digestive System — Five-Part Model Products for Science Education

Life-size plastic reproduction of the alimentary tract.

Liver and Gallbladder Products for Science Education

Detailed ventral surface reveals internal organ structure.

Knowbody Teaching Torsos Products for Science Education

Hand-painted with vivid contrasting colors to add emphasis and enhance instructional value.

Bullfrog Model Products for Science Education

An affordable alternative to dissection.

Giant Hands-On Eyeball Products for Science Education

Six times larger than life with five removable parts.

Student Edition Hands-On Flower Products for Science Education

Illustrates the processes of pollination and fertilization.

The Heart of America Plus Products for Science Education

Twice life-size model shows the intricacies of a coronary bypass.