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Human Physiology Charts <img src=

Human Physiology Charts Products for Science Education

Explain the major functional systems of human anatomy and physiology.

The Heart of America <img src=

The Heart of America Products for Science Education

Provides students with an accurate, lifelike view of the heart.

Giant Hands-On Ear <img src=

Giant Hands-On Ear Products for Science Education

Three-part ear model is five times life size.

Bone Structure Model <img src=

Bone Structure Model Products for Science Education

Microscopic detail enlarged for ease of use

Biomechanical Kits <img src=

Biomechanical Kits Products for Science Education

Offer a complete lab-tested system for teaching and learning the musculoskeletal system

Biomechanical Heart Kit <img src=

Biomechanical Heart Kit Products for Science Education

Simulates all of the key functional features of the human heart

Multi-Torsos <img src=

Multi-Torsos Products for Science Education

Male, Female with Mammary Gland, and Female with 12-Week Pregnancy.

Atomic Models Set <img src=

Atomic Models Set Products for Science Education

Visualize the structure of atoms and their respective components.

Laboratory Charts <img src=

Laboratory Charts Products for Science Education

Instant access to common laboratory techniques and safety rules.

Thin-Man Model Anatomical Presentation of Life-Size Overlays <img src=

Thin-Man Model Anatomical Presentation of Life-Size Overlays Products for Science Education

Human anatomy illustrated in layered form.

Giant Three-Part Ear <img src=

Giant Three-Part Ear Products for Science Education

Exploring the inner ear is easy with this highly detailed and sectional ear model.

Crystal Models <img src=

Crystal Models Products for Science Education

Durable, permanently bonded crystalline models.

Digestive System — Five-Part Model <img src=

Digestive System — Five-Part Model Products for Science Education

Life-size plastic reproduction of the alimentary tract.

Skin Model <img src=

Skin Model Products for Science Education

Study hair, receptors, nerves, glands, and burn pathology with our replicated skin.

Dental Morphology Set <img src=

Dental Morphology Set Products for Science Education

Features six durable plastic teeth, 10 times life size.

Giant Functional Larynx <img src=

Giant Functional Larynx Products for Science Education

Study sections of the larynx.

Basic Magnetic Molecule Set <img src=

Basic Magnetic Molecule Set Products for Science Education

Great for exciting molecular demonstrations—even in extra-large classrooms.

Plant Growth and Development Chart Set <img src=

Plant Growth and Development Chart Set Products for Science Education

Illustrates reproductive role of flowers, representative plant life histories and the chief parts of flowering plants.

Giant Dicot Flower <img src=

Giant Dicot Flower Products for Science Education

Explore the inner workings of plant life with this giant dicot flower.

Giant Hands-On Eyeball <img src=

Giant Hands-On Eyeball Products for Science Education

Six times larger than life with five removable parts.

Styrofoam Balls <img src=

Styrofoam Balls Products for Science Education

Low-cost alternative to wood molecular model kits.

Giant Hands-On DNA Model <img src=

Giant Hands-On DNA Model Products for Science Education

Towering nearly three feet tall, this DNA model is ideal for presentations or hands-on investigations.

Auditory Ossicles <img src=

Auditory Ossicles Products for Science Education

Life-size replicas of middle-ear bones.