Safety Goggles Products for Science Education

With durable plastic offering good protection to the eyes.

Baby Bears™ Balance Set Products for Science Education

Explore measurement with Baby Bears!

Learning Resources INC Learning Resources Primary Science Metal Detector Products for Science Education

For detecting metal in sand table, at beach or playground, and more.

Hexagram™ Weights Products for Science Education

Explore weight and measurement with these easily stackable Hexagram Weights.

Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets Products for Science Education

Magnetically correct: one foot north and one foot south.

Cross Section Models: Plant/Animal Cell, Human Heart/Brain Products for Science Education

Colorful foam model comes apart to create a cross section view for hands-on classroom demonstrations.

Giant Magnetic Gallon Set Products for Science Education

Teaches measurement of liquid volume using giant, familiar shapes.

Learning Resources™ Magnetic Hooks Products for Science Education

Allows inflatable models and decorations to hang from the metal frame of a drop ceiling.

Everyday Shapes Activity Set Products for Science Education

Children will start to see shapes everywhere they go!

Primary Science Lab Gear

Set allows imaginative play opportunities as children dress up as scientists.

Pretend and Play™ Healthy Food Sets Products for Science Education

Encourage healthy choices with this realistic-looking set of nutritious foods,

Simple Machines Activity Cards Set Products for Science Education

Support investigations of simple machines through real-world examples.

Liter Measurement Kit Products for Science Education

Provides concrete representation of liquid capacity measurement, equivalencies and comparisons.

3-Way Magnification Science Station Products for Science Education

Perfect, practical magnification station for early science investigations.

Learning Resources Cuisenaire™ Plastic Rods Multi-Pack Products for Science Education

Provides visual, hands-on investigation of math concepts from addition to division to fractions.

Healthy Helpings™ MyPlate Game Products for Science Education

Be the first to fill your plate with a balanced meal.

Learning Resources Calc-U-Tote Products for Science Education

Handy, take-along tote made of durable plastic.

Hand Pointers Products for Science Education

Encourage attention and participation.

Learning Resources Soft Foam Cross-Section Eye Model Products for Science Education

Open up nature for inner exploration.

Early Science Explorer's Set Products for Science Education

Encourage young scientists to take their investigations further with these perfectly sized tools.

Learning Resources Cross Section Tooth Model Products for Science Education

Show beneath the tooth's surface with this 5 in. foam cross section model.

Giant Magnetic Base Ten Products for Science Education

Helps students to better visualize 3-D representation of math concepts.

Learning Resources Spring Scale Products for Science Education

Sturdy plastic scale for multiple scientific experiments and uses.

Binoculars Products for Science Education

See everything, from sporting events to nature, up close with these durable, plastic binoculars.

Jumbo Magnifiers Products for Science Education

Observe on a grand scale with our extra-large magnifiers, sized perfectly for small hands.

Pumping Heart Model Products for Science Education

Create a memorable exploration of how the heart and lungs work together for oxygen exchange.

Measuring Worms™ Products for Science Education

Worms anyone can love.

Classroom Clock Kit Products for Science Education

Additional mini-clocks available.