MSA™ Comfo™ and ComfoClassic™ Respirators

Unique face seal design that gives exceptional fit

MSA™ FP Pro™ Cross-Chest Style Harnesses

Pullover harness incorporating true sub-pelvic support for incredible comfort while suspending

MSA™ Respiratory Protection Instruments and Accessories

Unique clip designs keep the unit attached during even the roughest use

MSA™ FP Pro™ Vest Style Harnesses

Easy to doff and don, this harness features a full-body design offering excellent strength

MSA™ Anchorage Connector Straps

152.4cm (5 ft.) connector straps useful in confined spaces

MSA™ Sirius™ Replacement Lamp for Multigas Detectors

For use with Sirius Multigas Detectors.

MSA™ Ultravue™ Full-Facepiece Respirator: Head Harness

Accessories for full-facepiece respirators

MSA™ Millennium™ CBRN Gas Mask

High-performance, Hycar™ rubber gas mask is ideal for use by law enforcement or emergency response personnel

MSA™ NFL™ V-Gard™ Caps

Official NFL insignias help promote regular use on the job