MSA™ Skullgard™ Protective Caps and Hats

Suitable for use in steel mills

MSA™ FP Pro™ Vest Style Harnesses

Easy to doff and don, this harness features a full-body design offering excellent strength

MSA™ Workman™ Construction Harnesses

Lightweight components and durable webbing for comfortable protection

MSA™ ForceField™ ACH Accessories and Replacement Parts (Commercial)

For use with MSA ForceField ACH Advanced Combat Helmet

MSA™ Phalanx™ CBA-RCA Gas Mask: Canister

Dual-canister mount allows weapon firing from either shoulder

MSA™ GALAXY™ Multigas Detector Probes

Accessories for Galaxy automated multigas detectors

MSA™ ArcSafe™ Harnesses

Designed to meet the needs of utility and maintenance workers

MSA™ Calibration Gas Cylinders

Each lightweight calibration gas cylinder is supplied with an individual certificate of analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

MSA™ Aptura™ Self-Retracting Lanyards

Features a field-replacement lifeline option

MSA™ ALTAIR™ 5 Multigas Detector Deluxe Kit

Featuring an exclusive end-of-sensor-life warning, this detector is Galaxy™ System-compatible for easy calibration and record keeping