Medica Corporation

Medica Accessories for the EasyStat Blood Gas Analyzer

For use with the EasyStat Blood Gas Analyzer (Cat. No. 22-515-457, shown at left).

Medica Sample Detector For EasyLyte Analyzers

ISE detector for use with EasyLyte Analyzers.

Medica Printer Paper For EasyLyte Analyzers

Three rolls of paper for use with EasyLyte Analyzers.

Medica Calcium Rinse Solution Kit For EasyLyte Analyzers

Cleaning solution for use with EasyLyte analyzers.

Medica Tube kit For EasyLyte Analyzers

ISE tubing for EasyLyte Analyzers.

Medica EasyLyte Analyzers: Solution Packs (400mL)

For EasyLyte electrolyte analyzer.

Medica EasyLyte Analyzers

Compact analyzer with small footprint measures various combinations of sodium, potassium, chloride, lithium, calcium, and pH in whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine†

Medica Membrane Assembly for EasyLyte Analyzer

For use with EasyLyte Electrolyte Analyzer (22-515-351, -352)

Medica Wash Solution For EasyLyte Analyzers

ISE wash solution for EasyLyte Analyzers

Medica Reference Electrodes for EasyBloodGas Analyzer

For use with EasyBloodGas Analyzer.

Medica Internal Filling Solution For EasyLyte Analyzers

ISE solution for EasyLyte Analyzers

Medica Solutions Valve For EasyLyte Analyzers

Accessory for EasyLyte electrolyte analyzer.

Medica EasyStat Blood Gas Analyzer

Results include PO2, PCO2, pH, Hct, Na+, K+, Ca++