Propper™ Chex-All™ II Sterilization Pouches

Eliminate need for separate indicator strips

Propper White Autoclave Indicator Tape

Color change eliminates the guesswork

Propper Manufacturing Sterilization Autoclave Tape

Propper sterilization tape is designed to distinguish processed and unprocessed items

Steri-Wrap™ III Autoclavable Wraps

Ideal for a variety of uses including OR and CSR wrapping

Propper™ Plus Mail Kits

For Seracult plus guaiac test

Propper Steri-Wrap™ I Sterilization Wraps

Propper Steri-Wrap™ I Sterilization Wraps features Penetrability for steam and/or ethylene oxide gas.

Propper™ Steri-Wrap™ II Sterilization Wraps

Softer wrap with greater drapeability

Propper™ Autoclave Indicator Tapes

Ideal to secure different types of sterilization packs

Propper Seracult Plus™ Patient Kit

A more sensitive fecal occult blood test for in vitro diagnostic use

Propper™ Seracult™ Plus™ Developer

Monitors patients who are at increased risk of colon and rectum diseases

Propper™ Duo-Spore™ Sporestrips

Contain two test strips and one control strip

Propper™ Seracult™ Mail Kits

For Seracult guaiac test

Propper™ Autoclave Indicator Tape

Easily distinguish between processed and unprocessed items

Propper™ Seracult™ Patient Kit

For Seracult guaiac test

Propper™ Seracult™ Developer

Qualitative aid in diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Propper StrateLine Autoclave Tape

Indicates status of sterlization jobs

Propper Velket™ Tourniquet

Flexible rubber band is easily applied to any limb

Propper™ Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program

For clinics, Medical and Dental Offices

Propper™ OK™ Steam Sterilization Monitor Strips

Preprinted standard reference color technology eliminates guesswork

Propper Manufacturing Co.Supplier Diversity Partner CHEX-ALL TUBES 12IN 6/CS