Steri-Wrap™ III Autoclavable Wraps

Ideal for a variety of uses including OR and CSR wrapping

Propper™ Chex-All™ II Sterilization Pouches

Eliminate need for separate indicator strips

Propper™ Biological Test Pack and Culture Service Program

For clinics, Medical and Dental Offices

Propper™ Seracult™ Patient Kit

For Seracult guaiac test

Propper™ Steri-Wrap™ II Sterilization Wraps

Softer wrap with greater drapeability

Propper™ Autoclave Indicator Tape

Easily distinguish between processed and unprocessed items

Propper™ Seracult™ Mail Kits

For Seracult guaiac test

Propper StrateLine Autoclave Tape

Indicates status of sterlization jobs

Propper™ Plus Mail Kits

For Seracult plus guaiac test

Propper White Autoclave Indicator Tape

Color change eliminates the guesswork

Propper™ OK™ Steam Sterilization Monitor Strips

Preprinted standard reference color technology eliminates guesswork

Propper™ Duo-Spore™ Sporestrips

Contain two test strips and one control strip

Propper™ Autoclave Indicator Tapes

Ideal to secure different types of sterilization packs

Propper Velket™ Tourniquet

Flexible rubber band is easily applied to any limb

Propper™ Seracult™ Plus™ Developer

Monitors patients who are at increased risk of colon and rectum diseases

Propper Manufacturing Sterilization Autoclave Tape

Propper sterilization tape is designed to distinguish processed and unprocessed items

Propper™ Seracult™ Developer

Qualitative aid in diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Propper Seracult Plus™ Patient Kit

A more sensitive fecal occult blood test for in vitro diagnostic use

Propper Manufacturing Co.Supplier Diversity Partner CHEX-ALL TUBES 12IN 6/CS