Restek Corporation

Straight Inlet Liners with Wool, I.D.4mm from Restek™

For use with Agilent GCs equipped with split or splitless inlets.

Restek™ Merlin Microseal Septa

Parts and replacement septa

Restek™ Chrome-Plated Brass Gas Regulator

For use with noncorrosive, high-purity or liquified gases

Restek™ BTO™ Septa: With CenterGuide

Plasma coating eliminates sticking in the injection port

Restek™ Replacement Chemical Traps for Agilent™ Gas Chromatographs

Easy to install replacement chemical traps attach to the same fittings as original Agilent GC equipment

Restek™ Refinery Gas Standard #2

Available in three mixes with varying C5 unsaturates or extended C6+ components.

Thermolite™ Septa from Restek™

Precision molding ensures consistent, accurate fit

Restek™ Rotor Seal for Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Model 1100)

Rotor Seal for Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Model 1100)

Restek™ Inlet Seals

Replacement seals for Agilent™ 5890/6890/6850 split/splitless injection ports

Restek™ Ultra-High-Purity Stainless-Steel Body Regulators

For noncorrosive, high purity or liquified gases

Restek™ Compact Ferrules: Graphite

For Agilent™ 5890, 6890, and 6850 columns

Restek™ MXT-1HT SimDist GC Columns

Stable up to 450°C, lowest bleed for longest column lifetime

Restek™ Rtx™-1301 (G43) Capillary Columns - 30m Length

General-purpose, fused silica column for residual solvents, alcohols, oxygenates, and volatile organic compounds.

Restek™ Resprep Empty SPE Frits for Packing

For use with Resprep™ SPE Tubes.

Restek™ Parker HydroGen Mate DI Water System Maintenance Kit

For use with Parker HydroGen Mate DI Water System.

Restek™ Sapphire Piston for Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Models 1050, 1100, 1200)

Sapphire Piston for Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Models 1050, 1100, 1200)

Restek™ UltraShield™ UHPLC PreColumn Filter

Cost-effective protection for UHPLC systems

Inlet Liners for Splitless Injection—Gooseneck Splitless with FS Wool from Restek™

Useful for splitless mode of operation and slow injections, small (<2μL) sample volumes, and high-boiling point solvent systems.

Restek™ Rtx™-624 Capillary Columns Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Application-specific columns for volatile organic pollutants

Restek™ Inlet Liners for Split Injection - Split Precision™ Liner

For Agilent GCs equipped with split/splitless inlets.

Restek™ Stabilwax™ Capillary Columns

Polyethylene glycol phase resists damage from oxygen or moisture

Restek™ 8mm Starburst Plugs for Shell Vials

Secure samples with these plugs, created specifically for shell vials

Restek™ Super-Clean™ Gas Filters

Gas filter cartridges with a high-purity output to ensure 99.9% pure gas for laboratories

Restek™ Inlet Liners for Splitless Injection - Double Gooseneck Splitless

For Agilent GCs equipped with split/splitless inlets.

Restek™ Capillary Nuts for Agilent™ 5890/6890/7890 GCs

Available in brass or stainless steel.