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Histology Slides for Fish <img src=

Histology Slides for Fish Products for Science Education

Agnatha, chondrichthyes, and osteichthyesmitosis, coregonus (whitefish), blastodisc; mitotic stages are all clearly depicted.

Invertebrate Organisms <img src=

Invertebrate Organisms Products for Science Education

Enhance your invertebrate slide collection

Roots and Stems Prepared Slides <img src=

Roots and Stems Prepared Slides Products for Science Education

Slides give magnified view of Gymnosperms and Angiosperms for detailed study.

Representative Algae Set <img src=

Representative Algae Set Products for Science Education

Observe and compare various algae.

Histology Slides for Blood Vascular System <img src=

Histology Slides for Blood Vascular System Products for Science Education

Carefully prepared slides will be welcome additions to your classroom.

Invertebrate Set <img src=

Invertebrate Set Products for Science Education

Enhance your slide collection with this fine survey set.

Chromosome Study Set <img src=

Chromosome Study Set Products for Science Education

Both plant and animal chromosomes shown in this set!

Botany Survey Set <img src=

Botany Survey Set Products for Science Education

This 25-slide set ranges from bacteria through higher plants.

General Science Set <img src=

General Science Set Products for Science Education

Includes several basic categories.

Learning to Use the Microscope <img src=

Learning to Use the Microscope Products for Science Education

Perfect for beginning students.

General Biology Set, Part II <img src=

General Biology Set, Part II Products for Science Education

A fine collection of microscope slides.

Representative Protist Set <img src=

Representative Protist Set Products for Science Education

All four classes of protist are represented.

Histology Slides of Animal Blood <img src=

Histology Slides of Animal Blood Products for Science Education

Study animal blood types.