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Benchtop Meters 

From the essential functions to more advanced features, there is a Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Benchtop Meter for every need, each one offering reliability, consistency and simple operation.


Portable Meters

For accurate measurements anytime, anywhere, the newest accumet Meters are versatile and rugged enough for the most demanding applications, whether your research takes you indoors or outdoors.



Each accumet Electrode is individually tested and serialized to meet Good Laboratory Practice requirements and each one is supported by a knowledgeable support staff and a one-year warranty.

Featured Products





Software & Firmware

Communication Software

Utilize this communication software for our newest Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ AB and XL Meters to gather real-time data on your PC, export data to Microsoft Excel, review data, capture an almost endless number of data points, and more.


Firmware Updates

These downloads will update the software on your accumet Meter:

Not sure which XL upgrade to download? Refer to the XL Upgrade Guide for help.

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accumet Warranty Information

Register your Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Instrument and be notified of software upgrades when they become available.


Fisher Scientific accumet Meters have been leading the way in electrochemistry design and functionality since 1965. The accumet line includes benchtop and portable meters as well as a complete offering of electrodes to meet a wide range of laboratory needs.