Honeywell Research Chemicals Applications

Oligo Synthesis

Oligo Synthesis

Improve your DNA/RNA yield at each step of the oligonucleotide synthesis cycle with the Honeywell Burdick & Jackson™ BioSyn™ line of products that includes a wide range of high-purity solvents and reagents.

  • DNA and RNA synthesis reagents for deblocking, activation, capping, and oxidation in various formulations 
  • Acetonitrile with very low water content for the washing steps
  • Additional solvents and acids for reagent preparation

Honeywell Research Chemicals Oligo Synthesis Brochure

Improve your yield with BioSyn reagents and solvents.

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Burdick & Jackson BioSyn Reagents

Facilitate direct connection to popular synthesizers with Burdick & Jackson BioSyn Reagents. Choose from various formulations and a range of package sizes from bottles to bulk containers or request custom reagent formulations and packaging.

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Burdick & Jackson BioSyn Solvents and Acids

Ensure outstanding oligo synthesis efficiency with Honeywell Burdick & Jackson BioSyn products that are specifically processed and purified to exacting specifications. The solvents and reagents are submicron-filtered to minimize particulate contamination.

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Have greater confidence in your demanding liquid or gas chromatography workflows with high-purity Honeywell solvents, blends, eluents, and additives. They help deliver improved chromatography performance and accurate results.

  • High purity for cleaner chromatograms
  • Low lot-to-lot variation for better consistency
  • Reduced time and cost to obtain correct and reliable results the first time

Honeywell Research Chemicals Chromatography Brochure

Improve your chromatography performance with high-purity solvents, blends, and reagents.

Download the Honeywell Research Chemicals Chromatography Brochure (PDF, 1.3MB)


Liquid and Gas Chromatography Solvents

Ensure your analysis is in the safest hands with expertly manufactured solvents with the purity and consistency required for chromatography (HPLC, LC-MS, UHPLC-MS, GC, and headspace). Join analytical laboratories around the globe by trusting Honeywell Burdick & Jackson™ and Honeywell Chromasolv™ solvents to provide accurate results, because accuracy is non-negotiable.


Ready-to-Use Solvent Blends

Eliminate the effort and inaccuracies of manual blending and work more safely and efficiently with Honeywell LabReady™ solvent blends for HPLC and LC-MS workflows. They’re made with closed-loop blending technology that eliminates variation.

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Eluents & Additives

Optimize chromatography performance with Honeywell Fluka™ high-quality buffers/salts and eluents. Tested for LC-MS or UHPLC-MS suitability, they enable analytical labs to adjust eluent pH to improve the robustness of the method regarding retention times and selectivity. They also help improve the analyte signal or suppress unwanted signals.

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Water Determination by Karl Fischer Titration

Water Determination by Karl Fischer Titration

Karl Fischer titration (KFT) is the preferred technique for water determination due to its superior accuracy, increased speed and selectivity, and practical advantages over other methods. The Honeywell Hydranal™ product portfolio includes easy-to-use, pyridine-free reagents and reliable standards for accurate Karl Fischer titration.

Hydranal reagents provide the following advantages:

  • Brand name synonymous with the highest standard of accuracy and reliable lot-to-lot consistency
  • Unique in offering special media for customer-specific needs (largest portfolio in KFT segment)
  • Unparalleled technical support to tackle challenging samples
  • Continuous innovation e.g., the new Hydranal NextGen products

Hydranal NextGen products offer CMR free (imidazole free) formulations for safer volumetric and coulometric KFT and RFID technology for seamless data transfer from Hydranal reagents to the titrator.


Honeywell Research Chemicals Karl Fischer Titration Brochure

Discover Hydranal products for accurate water determination.

Download the Honeywell Research Chemicals Karl Fischer Titration Brochure (PDF, 1MB)


Hydranal Reagents for Volumetry

Choose from a broad range of Hydranal one-component or two-component reagents developed for water determination by volumetric Karl Fischer titration, offering high accuracy and the greatest flexibility for media selection.

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Hydranal Reagents for Coulometry

Find reagents for highly accurate measurements of trace amounts of water in all types of samples with coulometric Karl Fischer titration.

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Hydranal Water Standards

Browse reliable standards (RM) and Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) with verified water content for titer determination, monitoring precision and accuracy, or validation and inspection of Karl Fischer titrators.

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Additional Hydranal Products

Explore products for ensuring accurate water determination when applying Karl Fischer titration to different sample varieties, including solubilizers, buffers, and drying agents.

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Trace Analysis

Trace Analysis

Enable the detection of impurities in the ppb and ppt detection range with Honeywell TraceSelect™ and TraceSelect™ Ultra reagents and solvents for sample preparation and analysis using ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS, or GF-AAS.

To ensure high quality and purity for improved reliability and accuracy, the reagents and solvents are:

  • Prepared by sub-boiling distillation to ensure the lowest blank values for ultra-trace analysis
  • Produced and bottled under cleanroom conditions
  • Supplied in appropriate high-quality bottles to ensure long-term purity
  • Tested for metal content and ionic trace impurities using ICP-OES, ICP-MS, and ion chromatography with CoAs listing up to 80 individual metal and anion traces

Honeywell Research Chemicals Trace Analysis Brochure

Select the right TraceSelect product for your needs.

Download the Honeywell Research Chemicals Trace Analysis Brochure (PDF, 737KB)


TraceSelect and Trace Select Ultra Reagents for Trace Analysis

Find high-purity reagents for sample preparation for trace analysis and elemental impurity detection, including ultra-pure acids, bases, and salts for smelting and wet digestion for analysis at ppb and ppt levels.


TraceSelect Solvents

Browse Honeywell TraceSelect solvents for speciation analysis by LC-ICP-MS that undergo rigorous purification procedures followed by UV spectroscopy, IC, and ICP-MS testing to assure high chemical purity and high UV transmittance.

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