Creating Partnerships

A successful biotechnology training program depends on supportive partnerships with local companies, business organizations, educational facilities, and individuals in the private sector, as well as a focus on economic development in the field.

Strategic partnerships can help support your program in several ways. Local businesses may be willing to provide funding, donate goods or services, or otherwise support your program in anticipation of having skilled technicians to hire.

As the program coordinator, identify potential biotech training partners and ask for support for the biotech training program. Related activities may include:

  • Online searches for biotech companies located near (within 20 miles) your school
  • Information gathering about the company to better understand their business and partner potential

o   Name, address, phone number, and web address

o   Number of employees and types of jobs

o   Company’s long-term goals for manufacturing or research and development

o   Company’s marketed products (common and trade names), their applications, uses, and market share

o   Company corporate giving programs

o   Consider whether the company has or would be willing to provide grant money for supplies, equipment, or program development; donate equipment; provide laboratory internships; sponsor field trips; arrange guest speakers; or provide other goods and services

The above information is the property of Ellyn Daugherty, founder of the San Mateo Biotechnology Career Pathway (SMBCP) and author of Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium, Second Edition, 2017. For more information, visit