Biotechnology Classroom DNA, RNA, and PCR Applications

Edvotek™ Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Products for Science Education

Introduce basic concepts and procedures of agarose gel electrophoresis with this complete experiment.

Edvotek™ In Search of My Father Products for Science Education

Solve the mystery of two boys separated from their parents a decade ago.

Edvotek™ Micropipetting Basics Products for Science Education

Pipetting is a critical skill necessary for the accuracy that is essential in scientific experiments.

Edvotek™ Reagents For Bacterial Transformation: X-gal Products for Science Education

For rapid preparation of bacterial cultures for transformation.

Edvotek™ DNA Standard Marker Products for Science Education

New Edvotek standard marker features better separation, easier band measurements, and no unused bands.

Edvotek™ DNA DuraGel™ Products for Science Education

Designed for students to learn pipetting samples in agarose gels.

Edvotek™ Blue/White Cloning of DNA Fragment and Assay of β-galactosidase Products for Science Education

To clone a DNA fragment in pUC-linker and select colonies that have DNA inserts based on color selection.

Lab-Aids™ DNA Extraction and Isolation Kit Products for Science Education

Use chemical solutions to extract DNA from plant cells, observe some properties of DNA and understand the structure and function of DNA.

Investigating Synthetic Biology Products for Science Education

Cloning experiment for the classroom.

Edvotek™ Construction and Cloning of DNA Recombinant Products for Science Education

To study gene structure, function, and to enhance gene expression.

Edvotek™ Mitochondrial DNA Analysis Using PCR Products for Science Education

Advanced-level experiment uses the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to amplify a specific region of the mitochondrial chromosome and perform gel electrophoresis.

Edvotek™ Universal DNA Extraction Buffer Products for Science Education

Recommended for the extraction of DNA from various fruit and vegetable tissues.

Lab-Aids™ Making and Modeling Polymers Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Making and Modeling Polymers Kit introduces students to common polymer structures and properties

Edvotek™ PCR-Based DNA Typing Products for Science Education

DNA typing adapted from FBI technology.

Innovating Science™ Small Group Learning: Production Of Biodiesel Products for Science Education

In this activity, students will perform a two-phase process to produce small batches of crude biodiesel. The crude biodiesel produced is of sufficient quality for use in the demonstration of the burning qualities of both biodiesel and vegetable oil.

Edvotek™ Sequencing the Human Genome Products for Science Education

Use the Internet and included DNA sequence data to sequence the human genome.

Edvotek™ In Search of Cancer Gene Products for Science Education

Students will get to learn the effect of mutations in p53 tumor suppressor gene and its role in familial cancers.

Edvotek™ How Do You Clone a Gene? Products for Science Education

Gain an understanding of the structure of DNA, a genetically engineered clone and how genes are cloned in plasmids.

Innovating Science™ Engineer And Explore Your Own Enteric Coated Drugs (Stem) Products for Science Education

Students will learn the basic structures and pathway of the digestive system, understand the functions of the stomach and small intestine in regards to digestion, and investigate how the properties of different enteric coatings react in different sections of the digestive system.

Edvotek™ Mini-Prep Isolation of Plasmid DNA Products for Science Education

Introduces the principles of extracting plasmid DNA from bacterial cells.

Innovating Science™ DNA Extraction Kit Products for Science Education

Learn the history of the discovery of DNA and DNA structure.

RT-PCR: The Molecular Biology of HIV Replication Products for Science Education

Unique, advanced-level demonstration of reverse transcriptase.

Edvotek™ DNA Fingerprinting Using PCR Products for Science Education

Advanced experiments demonstrate PCR amplifications with easy-to-follow procedures.

Edvotek™ Do Onions, Strawberries and Bananas Have DNA? Products for Science Education

Students will participate in extracting DNA from fresh onion tissue.

Innovating Science™ DNA Paternity Testing Electrophoresis Lab Activity Educational Kit Products for Science Education

Activity to perform electrophoresis to separate DNA samples of a child, mother, and two potential fathers to determine if either father is a possible paternal match. Innovating Science DNA Paternity Testing Electrophoresis Lab Activity Educational Kit, allows testing of child’s paternal relationship by comparing the child’s DNA profile to the profile of the mother and possible father to determine if an individual is the father or not.

Innovating Science™ Biomaterials To Make Your Own Contact Lenses Products for Science Education

Engineers play an integral role in finding a ratio of materials to maximize the desired properties and decrease the negative effects of other properties. Students will engineer a lens using 2 different materials

Edvotek™ PCR Beads Products for Science Education

Provide the reagents for Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) in a convenient, ambient-temperature-stable bead.

Kemtec™ Genetics I Kit Products for Science Education

Kemtec™ Genetics I Kit includes three activities that introduce students to Punnet Squares, and other genetic topics

Edvotek™ Identification of Genetically Modified Foods Using PCR Products for Science Education

Certain foodstuffs, such as tofu and soy milk, contain raw materials from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Edvotek™ Human PCR Tool Box Products for Science Education

Carry out three Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) experiments in your class at once.