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We stay focused on you so you can stay focused on what matters most — your patients. Our sourcing and supply chain services ensure you have the right products at the right place at the right time. Our unparalleled product portfolio provides you with more choices that save you time and money.

Given all of the changes in our healthcare environment, we’re always adapting our clinically focused products and services to help improve your patient care, processes and financial performance.

When healthcare providers and suppliers work together, patients win.

Clinical Outcomes

Impacting Positive Clinical Outcomes

The clinical diagnostic lab is one of the most complex areas of your healthcare system, and it’s also one of the greatest areas of opportunity. Basing 70% of all clinical decisions on diagnostics at typically 3% of the overall spend is an excellent return on investment. Our clinical lab expertise enables us to offer you a broad range of high-value diagnostic tests that can improve your quality measures.

Better Patient Outcomes Begin with Lab Performance

Patient care doesn’t stop when a doctor sends a test request to the clinical lab. Ensuring that your dashboard is always hitting its marks requires excellent diagnostics. While juggling the complexities of the lab environment, including challenges such as biohazardous materials and cold storage, the laboratorian must also keep a strong focus on the patient. The difference between a positive and negative patient experience may depend on the timely delivery of an accurate test result. That’s the value the laboratory brings to clinicians, helping them to make the best patient decisions.

Quality-of-Care Improvements:

  • Population health management
  • Patient and worker safety
  • Better diagnostics for better decision making
  • Innovative technology
  • Patient compliance
  • Metrics for better benchmarking

Patient Satisfaction Improvements:

  • Superior patient experience
  • High HCAHPS scores
  • Wellness services
Preventative Health
Flu Screening85%71%-14%
Cholesterol Testing82%84%2%
Colorectal Cancer Screening83%86%-3%
Urinary Tract Infection86%89%3%
Chronic Diseases
Diabetes Mellitus Composite84%81%-3%
Cardiovascular Health84%81%-3%
HIV Screening80%84%4%
Acute Care Coordination
Flu Testing85%71%-14%
Falls: Screening for Risk82%86%4%
Infection Rates86%88%2%
Operational Outcomes

Impacting Operational Outcomes

Managing supply chain complexities requires a specialized laboratory partner. With our Fisher HealthCare solutions, we can help improve operational efficiencies for your lab by providing the right product at the right place at the right time.

We are completely focused on the lab. Our intensity and proven track record in this arena makes us a strong partner for your organization.

Our CliniSYNC Solution

With one robust tool you can create consistent outcomes across all of your locations. CliniSync provides one common platform to integrate central supply with all satellite facilities.

  • A uniform ordering portal
  • Product formulary consultation
  • Consistent system-wide pricing
  • Spend analytics
  • Tailored delivery options

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Our SupplySYNC Solution

Improve the agility of your laboratory supply chain with a seamless supply source. SupplySYNC provides the tools and services you need to implement operational initiatives efficiently.

  • Single-source access
  • Ease of ordering (EDI & e-commerce)
  • Lab-specific logistics
  • Product standardization
  • Purchasing and delivery metrics


Financial Outcomes

Impacting Financial Outcomes

Our ability to provide sustained cost savings, innovative programs, and monitoring tools can help improve your financial performance. Utilizing this surplus of time and money to create a better patient experience is a win for everyone.


Our competitive contracts offer you immediate value:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Rebates and incentives
  • Broad GPO access
  • Sustained savings throughout the life of the agreement


Our HealthySpend program maximizes your purchasing power through:

  • Supplier consolidation
  • Pricing harmonization across your system
  • Low-cost alternatives and product standardization
  • Value-added services (e.g., insightful business reviews, pricing and freight audits, capital leases, performance metrics)
  • Special offers

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Doing More with Less

Delivering high-quality yet affordable patient care can place a strain on any healthcare system. Depend on us to provide quality products, expert advice, and a balance between cost and value. Our actionable business reviews provide you with hugely powerful insight to make the biggest impact on your organization.

Quality-of-Care Improvements:

  • Reduction in length of stay and readmissions
  • Clinical decision support
  • Avoidance of medical complications

Internal Process Improvements:

  • Optimized labor and lean workflows
  • Standardized product utilization
  • Consolidated suppliers
  • Minimization of waste and duplication
  • Analytics to measure performance and implement best practice solutions
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