Differential Cell Counters

Fisherbrand™ Manual Differential Counter

Designed for blood cell counting

Modulus Data Systems™ DIFFCOUNT™ III Electronic Differential Tally Counters

Microprocessor-controlled differential cell counter designed specifically for hematology laboratory

Bal Supply Cell Counters

For automatic calculation including percentages

LW Scientific Manual Differential Counters

Designed for blood cell counting

Modulus Data Systems™ DIFFCOUNT III™ Electronic Differential Tally Counters: Key Overlays

For use with DIFFCOUNT III electronic differential tally counters

Modulus Data Systems™ COMP-U-DIFF™ Differential Cell Counter with Computer/Printer Interfaces

A 12-channel differential counter and RBC morphology data entry workstation that provides efficient, direct computer entry of differential counts, RBC morphology, comments, specimen and technician identification