Air Sampling Pumps

Science First High-Volume Air Sampler Products for Science Education

Learn what's in the air we breathe.

Sensidyne™ Gilian™ AirCon-2™ Constant-Flow Samplers

Feature 2 to 30L/min. constant flow range

Sceptor Industries SpinCon™ Advanced Air Sampler

Collects numerous chemical and biological agents

Sensidyne™ Air Sampling System

Delivers precise, accurate, and reliable measurements for nearly 300 gases and vapors

Nextteq™ Nextteq™ Gastec™ GV100S Air Sampling Kit

Accurately, efficiently measures more than 500 gases and vapors over a wide range of environmental conditions; Produces clear, easy-to-read results

MesoSystems™ BioCapture™ 650 Air Sampler

Portable airborne particle collector puts the state of the art in biological air sampling in the palm of your hand

EMD Millipore M Air T™ Tester Kit

Fast and reliable results with maximum recovery

Air Sampling Pump Products for Science Education

Hand-operated pump is ideal for spot checking high concentrations of gases.