Coated Gloves

Honeywell™ North™ NorthFlex Light Task Plus II™ Gloves

PU (polyurethane) palm coating is light for comfort and maximum tactility and provides longer life

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Jackson Saftey™ G60 Nitrile Foam Cut-Resistant Gloves Get IT Item

Useful for working environments that pose a risk of minor cuts and abrasions

PIP™ G-Tek™ MaxiFlex™ Gloves Get IT Item

Ultra cool and very comfortable to wear

PIP™ TOWA™ N-Spector™ XRT™ Inspection Gloves

Low extractable levels reduce product contamination

Honeywell™ NorthFlex™ Nitri Task KL Gloves

Comfortable, dexterous cut-resistant work gloves

SHOWA™ Atlas™ Grip Kevlar™ KV300 Gloves

Provide high flexibility, durability and cut resistance

Ansell™ Crusader Flex™ 42-474 Series Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves

Non-woven felt insulation and a full-length heat barrier designed for intermittent handling of objects up to 400°F (200°C). Ansell Edmont™ Crusader™ Flex Gloves 42-474 Series can be used in industries such as food service, and glass and metal fabrication.

Ansell™ HyFlex™ Foam Nitrile-Coated Gloves

Foam nitrile coating is highly durable, resisting snags and abrasion. By channeling oil away from the glove's surface, the foam coating provides an excellent grip.

Ansell™ Powerflex™ 80-400 Series Natural Rubber Latex Heavy Weight Gloves

Provide outstanding insulation from cold conditions, as well as high comfort and grip. Combines a thermal terry loop acrylic liner with a naturally insulating latex coating, ensuring excellent insulation against the cold.

Honeywell™ Pure Fit™ General Purpose Gloves

Useful for work requiring precision handling

SHOWA™ Atlas Fit™ 300 Work Glove

Natural rubber palm coating

Honeywell™ North™ NorthFlex Light Task and Light Task Plus II™ Gloves

PU (polyurethane) palm coating is light for comfort and maximum tactility and provides longer life

SHOWA™ Insulated Nitty Gritty™ Gauntlet-Style Gloves

Superior chemical, abrasion, and puncture resistance

PIP™ G-Tek™ AG Nylon Gloves with Nitrile MicroFinish Grip

Surface treatment provides excellent handling

Fisherbrand™ Lightweight Nitrile-Coated Palm Gloves

Excellent dexterity and breathable comfort

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Jackson Safety™ G40 Polyurethane-Coated Gloves

Superior tactile sensitivity with the added protection of a coating, providing abrasion and tear resistance

North Workknit™ HD Supported Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile coating withstands abrasion better than most leather palm gloves, yet remains flexible

SHOWA™ Insulated Super Flex™ Gloves

Provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance

Ansell™ HyFlex™ Stretch Nylon Liner Gloves

Provides safety without sacrificing performance

SHOWA™ Glove™ Polyurethane-Coated Delicate Operations Gloves

Supple coating provides good resistance to abrasion and micro-cuts

Ansell™ HyFlex™ Lite Urethane-Coated Nylon Gloves

Excellent for applications where dexterity is essential

PIP™ ArmorFlex™ Nitrile-Coated Gloves

Lightweight and comfortable protection

Ansell™ HyFlex™ CR Plus Foam-Nitrile-Dipped Work Gloves

Kevlar™ Stretch Armor construction combines superior cut resistance and outstanding dexterity

PIP™ G-Tek™ MaxiFoam™ Gloves Get IT Item

Designed to channel oil away from glove surface for an excellent grip

MCR Safety™ Memphis™ Gloves Predator Nitrile-Coated Work Gloves

These protective gloves provide comfort in a variety of styles for multiple applications.