Size Standard Particles

Applied Biosystems™ GeneScan™ 500 LIZ™ dye Size Standard Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

GeneScan 500 LIZ Size Standard is designed for sizing DNA fragments in the 35-500 nucleotides range and provides 16 single-stranded labeled fragment.

Thermo Scientific™ 3000 Series Nanosphere™ Size Standards

Conveniently check the sizes of bacteria, viruses, ribosomes and sub-cellular components with these size standards.

Thermo Scientific™ 4000 Series Monosized Particles

Minimize response of analytic systems to shape effects with monosized particles.

Thermo Scientific™ Duke Standards™ 2000 Series Uniform Polymer Particles

Analyze wide size range materials through laser diffraction or other methods with uniform polymer particles that mimic real world particles.

Thermo Scientific™ 9000 Series Glass Particle Standards

Replace polystyrene spheres in many applications with dry glass NIST™-traceable size standards.

Thermo Scientific™ 4D Series Dry Microsphere Size Standards

Calibrate airborne optical particle counters to comply with ISO 21501-4 with Thermo Scientific™ 4D Series Dry Microsphere Size Standards.

Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Cal™ Particle Size Standards

Use Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Cal™ Particle Size Standards for calibrating particle sizing and counting instruments that require dry particles.

Thermo Scientific™ SURF-CAL™ Particle Size Standards

Simplify the preparation of calibration wafers with these particle size standards.

Thermo Scientific™ ChromoSphere™-T Certified Size Standards

Achieve high visual contrast with Thermo Scientific™ ChromoSphere™-T Certified Size Standards, colored polymer microspheres with NIST™-traceable diameters.

Thermo Scientific™ 8000 Series Silica Particle Size Standards

Provide greater durability and chemical stability when using solvents with these monodisperse silica microspheres used in instrument calibration and as spacers.

Applied Biosystems™ GeneScan™ 500 TAMRA™ dye Size Standard Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

GeneScan™ 500 TAMRA™ Size Standard is an internal lane size standard developed for use with the Applied Biosystems fluorescence- based DNA electrophoresis systems.

Micro Particles Based on Melamine Resin, Carboxylate-Modified, FITC-marked, Analytical Standard, Size: 1 m, MilliporeSigma™ Supelco™

Fluorescent marker for macrostructures, e.g. microtubules; Aldehyde modification for coupling with amines