Spatulas, Forceps and Utensils

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Fisherbrand™ Fine Precision General-Purpose Assembly Forceps

Steel construction ensures years of service in every kind of dissecting work. Buy Fisherbrand Fine Precision General-Purpose Assembly Forceps


C.L. Sturkey Silver Disposable Microtome Blades

Durable and long-lasting, ideal for general paraffin and cryostat use. Buy C.L. Sturkey Silver Disposable Microtome Blades


Fisherbrand Standard Dissecting Scissors

Two styles available — straight and curved. Buy Fisherbrand Standard Dissecting Scissors


CellPath Black Diamond™ Disposable Pathology Knives

Well proven, safe alternative to re-sharpening autopsy knives. Buy CellPath Black Diamond Disposable Pathology Knives

Featured Products


Featuring an Aluminum Handle with a Tapered End

Fisherbrand™ Nichrome Inoculating Needles

Available in two needle gauges with handles.

Buy Fisherbrand Nichrome Inoculating Needles


Prevent Sample Contamination

Thermo Scientific™ SUN-SRi™ Luer-LOCK Syringes

Offered in a range of sizes, from 2mL to 20mL, sterile and non-sterile.

Buy Thermo Scientific SUN-SRi Luer-LOCK Syringes


Radiation Sterilized

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Disposable Loops and Needles

No need for flame sterilization.

Buy Thermo Scientific Nunc Disposable Loops and Needles