Multiple Use General Purpose Lab Coats

Fisherbrand™ Unisex Lab Coats With Knit Cuffs

Knit wrist cuffs provide comfortable and secure fit

Fisherbrand™ Men's Poly/Cotton Lab Coats

With Front gripper closures

Fisherbrand™ Unisex Cotton Lab Coats

Open cuffs provide comfortable and unrestrictive fit

Fisherbrand™ Women's Poly/Cotton Lab Coats

Generously sized for comfort with a belted back

DenLine™ Protection Plus™ Fluid-Resistant Long-Length Lab Coats

All colors include a carbon-fiber pin stripe woven throughout the garment that dissipates static emanating from all surfaces. Fluid-resistant lab coats assist in OSHA compliance.

Fisherbrand™ Unisex Lab Coats with Knit Cuffs

Knit wrist cuffs provide a comfortable and secure fit

VF Workwear Bulwark Concealed Snap Front Cotton Lab Coats

Flame-resistant coats ideal for manufacturing industry or in university labs

Workrite™ Workrite™ CP Chemical Splash Protection Lab Coat

Workrite™FR Chemical Splash Protection Lab Coat. Milliken ShieldCSR chemical splash protection finish resists penetration and repels inadvertent liquid chemical splash.

DenLine™ Protection Plus™ Fluid-Resistant Ladies Long-Length Lab Coats

Fluid-resistant lab coats assist in OSHA compliance

VF Workwear Bulwark Concealed Snap Front Nomex Lab Coats

Comprised of 93% Nomex Aramid, 5% Kevlar™ Aramid and 2% other fibers

DenLine™ Protection Plus™ Fluid-Resistant Mid-Length Lab Jackets

Fluid-resistant lab jackets assist in OSHA compliance

White Knight™ Unisex Cotton Lab Coat

White Knight™ Unisex Lab Coats are made of breathable, comfortable, 100% cotton fabric and feature a quick-release five-snap front and knit cuffs.

VF Workwear Red Kap Men's Lab Coats

With four-button closure

White Knight™ Reusable Barrier Lab Coat

These specialized lab coats offer excellent fluid resistance while maintaining their breathability.

White Knight™ ESD Knit Waist Length Lab Coat

Offering superior protection against static build up and electrostatic discharge. Our ESD lab coats are the obvious choice for your industrial environment needs.

White Knight™ Reusable Barrier Lab Coat with Static Management

Designed to provide 360-degree splash protection, this barrier coat is made with high-density, fluid-resistant polyester fabric and carbon fiber stripes to dissipate static electricity.