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Reduce Unneccessary Blood Transfusions

Roche Diagnostics Coag Analyzer

Data management that's accurate, flexible and streamlined for convenient clinical use. Buy a Roche Diagnostics Coag Analyzer

Reduce Unneccessary Blood Transfusions

Alere Clearview D-Dimer Test Kit

No need for special equipment with this innovative, sensitive 10-minute test. Buy Alere Clearview D-Dimer Test Kits

Reduce Unneccessary Blood Transfusions

Fisher HealthCare Staining System

Test with the 30-second, three-step staining method comparable to Wright-Giemsa. Buy a Fisher Healthcare Staining System

Reduce Unneccessary Blood Transfusions

Thermo Scientific APTT Reagents

Identify disorders to intrinsic and common pathways or monitor oral anticoagulants. Buy Thermo Scientific APTT Reagents

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Fisher HealthCare offers a variety of hematology and coagulation solutions to ensure proper treatment and diagnosis. Rely on Fisher HealthCare to keep your samples safe, with reagents and standards offering excellent lot-to-lot consistency.

Thermo Scientific™ Pacific Hemostasis™ Coagulation References

  • Establish and check factor assay reference curves: universal coagulation reference plasma (UCRP), abnormal coagulation reference plasma (ACRP) and fibrinogen reference plasmas
  • Meet the needs of low- and high-volume coagulation testing labs

Buy Thermo Scientific Pacific Hemostasis Coagulation References

Thermo Scientific™ Pacific Hemostasis™ PT Reagents

  • Suitable to detect acquired or congenital disorders affecting the extrinsic and common pathways
  • Compatible with automated, semi-automated or manual systems
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency

Buy Thermo Scientific Pacific Hemostasis PT Reagents

Fisher Diagnostics™ Pacific Hemostasis™ Fibrinogen/Fibrin Analysis

  • Detects acquired and congenital hemorrhagic disorders based on the Clauss method
  • Measures formation of fibrin clot
  • Retains reconstituted stability for 8 hours at 2° to 8°C

Buy Pacific Hemostasis Fibrinogen/Fibrin Analysis Products