Biotechnology Classroom Centrifuges, Mixers, and Tubes

RevSpin RS-102 Centrifuge

Spins 1.5–2.0mL tubes at either 6000 or 10,000rpm.

Fisherbrand™ accuSpin™ Micro 17/Micro 17R Microcentrifuges

Compact, economical high-speed microcentrifuge, ideal for nucleic acid research and other microliter volume separations.

RevSPin RS-200 Microcentrifuge

Spins 0.2, 1.5, or 2.0mL tubes from 2000 to 10,000rpm.

Fisherbrand™ Standard Mini-Centrifuge Products for Science Education

Ideal for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples.

United Scientific Supplies Centrifuge Tube Boxes Products for Science Education

Durable alternative to foam racks.

Thermo Scientific™ mySPIN™ Mini Centrifuge Series Products for Science Education

Bring increased efficiency and user comfort to your lab with Thermo Scientific mySPIN 6 and 12 mini centrifuges

Mini Vortex Mixer Products for Science Education

Compact and powerful vortex mixer with touch function.

Fisherbrand™ Microplate Vortexer Products for Science Education

Designed for continuous shaking of microplates.

Thermo Scientific™ LP Vortex Mixer Products for Science Education

Choose to continuously mix or pulse samples with our low profile vortex mixer.

Edvotek™ Piccolo Centrifuge Products for Science Education

The Piccolo™ Microcentrifuge is ideal for quick spin downs, micro-filter cell separations and cell pelleting. It is compact, easy to use and comes with a host of extras.

Eisco™ Hand Centrifuge Products for Science Education

Hand-driven centrifuge for 4 x 15mL tubes.

OHAUS™ Mini Digital Vortex Mixer Products for Science Education

Ideal for applications that demand repeatable results.

Fisherbrand™ Graduated Conical-Bottom Tubes Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Use in virtually any centrifuging application.

SmartLine Vortex Mixer Products for Science Education

The SmartLine Vortex Mixer features a dynamic balancing system and powerful motor to provide instant vortexing of even the largest sample sizes, including full 50mL tubes.

Fisherbrand™ Locking-Lid Microcentrifuge Tubes with Polypropylene Snap-Cap™ Products for Science Education

Convenient, pierceable locking lids snap into place with one-handed operation.

United Scientific Supplies Microcentrifuge Tubes Products for Science Education

For safer use in molecular biology and other biochemical applications.

OHAUS™ Standard Analog Vortex Mixer Products for Science Education

Allows low rpm startup for gentle shaking or high speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples.

Small Storage Bin Products for Science Education

Keep alcohol pads, pipet tips and finger cots within reach.

Fisherbrand™ Wave Motion Shaker Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty rotator moves in a unique three-dimensional orbital wave motion.

Fisherbrand™ Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixers Products for Science Education

Strong, consistent mixing action for up to 8 microplates with optional accessory attachments.

Separation Technology Micro 12™ High Performance Microcentrifuge Products for Science Education

Very quiet and simple to use. Separation Technology, Inc. Micro 12™ High Performance Microcentrifuge is perfect for small volume separations.

Safety Storage Bin Products for Science Education

Ideal for smaller quantities of ingredients.

OHAUS™ Fixed Speed Mini Vortex Mixer Products for Science Education

One touch units for fixed high speed mixing.

Connecting Microcentrifuge Tube Racks Products for Science Education

Maximize storage and save benchtop space with microcentrifuge tube racks that are stackable when loaded or empty

Supertek Scientific Polypropylene PCR Tube Products for Science Education

Thin uniform wall tube for efficient thermal transfer.

MiniSpin™ Personal Microcentrifuge Products for Science Education

Extremely compact, with a small footprint to save valuable bench space.