Gas Chromatograph Accessories

Restek™ Replacement Viton O-Rings for Agilent Flip Top Inlet Sealing System

Designed for use with the Agilent Flip Top Inlet Sealing System.

Hamilton™ 700/1700 Series Microliter™/Gastight™ On-Column Manual Injection Syringes

Syringes are designed to work with On-Column GC Injectors.

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ GC Deactivated Inlet Liner Direct Straight-Through Liner For Agilent 7890

The unique deactivation process of SGE inlet liners provides excellent analysis for a wide range of compounds

Trajan™ Sealing Ring for GC Ferrule

Graphite sealing ring for use with GC Ferrules

Restek™ Capillary Installation Gauge for Shimadzu GCs

For Shimadzu 17A, 2010, and 2014 GCs.

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Graphite Sealing Ring for PerkinElmer Liner

Made up of graphite and used as sealing rings for PerkinElmer GC.

Restek™ FID Jets for Thermo Scientific GCs

For use with Thermo Scientific TRACE and Focus GCs.

Vernier Vernier GC Septa Products for Science Education

For use with the Vernier Mini GC Gas Chromatograph.