Gas Purifiers and Traps

Restek™ Super-Clean™ Gas Filters

Gas filter cartridges with a high-purity output to ensure 99.9% pure gas for laboratories

Restek™ High-Capacity Oxygen and Moisture Traps

Reduce oxygen or water to less than 15ppb

Restek™ Replacement Chemical Traps for Agilent™ Gas Chromatographs

Easy to install replacement chemical traps attach to the same fittings as original Agilent GC equipment

Restek™ Filter and Baseplate Kits

Single-position mounting baseplate with 0.125 in. inlet/outlet fittings (06-711-828)

Restek™ Baseplates

Base plates fit all stand alone Super Clean gas filters offered.

Restek™ Capillary-Grade Hydrocarbon Traps

Reduce organics to 0.1ppm where input does not exceed 100ppm

Restek™ Indicating Oxygen Traps

Prepurged for fast stabilization time

VICI™ Restek™ Gas-Specific Purifiers

Ideal for removing moisture, hydrocarbons and oxygen from gas chromatography gas supplies

Restek™ Indicating Moisture Traps

Prepurged for fast stabilization time

Restek™ VICI™ Mat/Sen™ Gas-Specific Purifier Modules

Replaces separate oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbon traps with one multiple-bed purifier, specific for purifying helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, or air

Restek™ VICI met/sen Gas-Specific Purifier Modules

Replace separate oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbon traps with one multiple-bed purifier, specific for purifying helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, or air.

Restek™ Pressure Gauge Kit for Thermal Gas Purifiers

Use an in-line pressure gauge to indicate when thermal gas purifier getter tube should be replaced

Restek™ Replacement O-rings

For cartridge base plates.

Labconco™ AtmosPure™ Re-Gen Gas Purifiers

Automatic regeneration process completed in as little as 13 hours while unattended

Restek™ High-capacity and ECD Vent Traps

Includes connecting lines and mounting kit.

Restek™ Protocol Station

Designed for convenient wall mounting of high-purity gas regulators

Restek™ Super-Clean Gas Trapping System for LC/MS

Quick-change cartridge system removing hydrocarbons efficiently from nitrogen

Restek™ Refillable Hydrocarbon Traps

Ideal for use with purge and trap systems to stop carrier gas interferences

Restek™ Rechargeable S-Traps

Individually activated for maximum reactivity

Restek™ 1/8 to 1/4 in. Tube-end Union

To adapt 1/8 in. Super Clean base plate fittings to 1/4 in. tubing.

Promega™ 10F Barrier Tips

Designed to fit perfectly on all major brands of pipettor. Promega Barrier Tips are supplied packaged and sealed in covered trays.

Restek™ Replacement Getter Tube

For Thermal Gas Purifier housing unit

Restek™ Indicating Hydrocarbon Traps for Air Compressors

Remove oil vapors and mist from compressed air

SGE™ Oxygen Traps

Protect your GC capillary column from oxygen

Grace™ ALL-Pure™ Gas Purifiers

Combine the capabilities of oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbon purifiers into a single gas-specific purifier module

Grace™ Alltech™ Oxygen Traps

Protect analytical columns from oxygen contamination.

Grace™ Alltech™ Hydrocarbon Traps

Adsorb trace amounts of hydrocarbons and organics from the gas stream