Fisher Science Education™ Bio-Fresh™ Concentrate Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Keep your specimens moist and preserved.

Fisherbrand™ 8-Piece Dissecting Set

All components come in plastic case

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Dissecting Pan

Major tool in dissection is available with or without black dissecting wax.

EISCO T-Pins for Dissecting Products for Science Education

Sold in boxes of 100.

United Scientific Supplies T-Pins Products for Science Education

'T' head provides firm grip, making them easier to insert and extract during dissection.

American Educational Products Economy Dissection Kit Products for Science Education

Economical dissection kit for beginners.

Carolina™ Carosafe™ Holding Solution Products for Science Education

For use in formalin-preserved specimens. Carolina™ Carosafe™ Holding Solution is formaldehyde-free and cannot be used to fix specimens.

Carolina™ Wetting Solution Products for Science Education

For use as humectant and mold inhibitor for preserved specimens. Carolina™ Wetting Solution helps maintain moisture and reduce dehydration.

Scientific Device Sterilized Instrument Sets

Suited for busy laboratories where sterile instruments are needed at a moment's notice

American Educational Products Dissection Set: Clam Products for Science Education

Learn to dissect clam by using this set.

Instructor's General Dissecting Set Products for Science Education

Everything you need to teach and aid students.

Paoli Clay Dissecting Pan Products for Science Education

Aluminium deluxe dissecting pan.

American Educational Products Basic Dissecting Set Products for Science Education

For all general dissecting labs — basic tools to get the job done.

American Educational Products Dissection Set: Crayfish Products for Science Education

Use this set to dissect a crayfish.

Section Lifter Products for Science Education

Separate tissue without tearing.

DR Instruments Beginners Dissecting Kit Products for Science Education

Kit for beginners and schools with tight budgets.

DR Instruments Budget Dissecting Kitd Products for Science Education

Economical student dissecting kit.

DR Instruments Anatomy Dissecting Kit Products for Science Education

Excellent choice for teachers and students.

DR Instruments Operating Scissors with Sharp/Sharp Points Products for Science Education

Made of Stainless-steel for dissection purposes.

DR Instruments Anatomy Dissecting Kit II Products for Science Education

Ideal kit for variety of specimen dissections.

DR Instruments Veterinary Student S-Pack Dissection Kit Products for Science Education

Tools to learn and practice different techniques for vet students.