Stereo Microscopes

Fisher Science Education™ Primary Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

Popular stereomicroscopes for education and industry.

Fisher Science Education™ Intermediate Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

Stereomicroscopes feature rugged design and compact size.

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced StereoZoom Microscope Products for Science Education

An exceptional stereozoom microscope at an exceptionally low price.

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced+ Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

Stereomicroscopes that are ideal for college instruction.

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

A real workhorse for high school and college education, as well as industry.

Fisher Science Education™ Intermediate+ Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

Stereomicroscopes offer all the quality, features and versatility of larger stereomicroscopes in a compact size.

Fisher Scientific™ 420 Series Zoom Stereoscopic Microscopes

For viewing large images at 10X magnification and then zooming continuously to close-up detail at 40X magnification

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced Digital Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

Extra-rugged stereomicroscopes have a built-in high-resolution digital camera.

Swift™ SM100 LED Stereo Microscopes Products for Science Education

Durable, versatile design is ideal for high school and college instruction.

Swift™ SM90 Series Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

Student-proof design eliminates the possibility of tampering or theft.

Fisher Scientific™ 450 Series Dual Magnification Stereoscopic Microscopes

Dual magnification microscopes for viewing three-dimensional objects and inspection

Fisher Scientific™ 460 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope

Microscope permits users to view objects at 10X magnification, then zoom to 30X for close-up view

Fisher Scientific™ Digital Stereo Microscope

High resolution 3.0MP digital camera, built into microscope

Ken-A-Vision™ Vision Scope 2 Stereo Microscopes: Battery Pack Products for Science Education

For use with Vision Scope 2 Stereo/Dissecting Microscopes.

Ken-A-Vision™ The Professor Portable Stereomicroscope Products for Science Education

Compact, portable design with all-glass optics, which provide clean, crisp viewing.

Ken-A-Vision™ Vision Scope 2 Stereo Microscopes Products for Science Education

High quality optics and rugged construction at a budget-friendly price.

Labomed™ Luxeo 4D Stereomicroscope with Integrated Camera Products for Science Education

Ideal for dissection as well as routine inspection microscopy.

Fisher Scientific™ Stereomaster™ Zoom Microscopes

The highest level of optical clarity with a wide variety of configurations

Fisher Science Education™ Dual Magnification Stereo Microscope PROMO Products for Science Education

A real workhorse for high school and college education, as well as industry - now available at 27% off.

Swift™ Tri-Power Stereomicroscopes Products for Science Education

Like no other microscopes on the market, this unique series outperforms standard stereomicroscopes.

Stemi™ 2000/2000C Stereomicroscopes

For education, industrial testing, life sciences and materials research applications

Fisher Science Education™ Advanced+ StereoZoom™ Microscopes

Top-quality materials and workmanship ensure crisp, sharp images and excellent durability, ideal for high-school or college classroom and laboratory use.

Carl Zeiss Stemi™ 2000 Stereomicroscopes

For stereoscopic observation only

Fisher Science Education™ Primary Stereomicroscopes

Suitable for elementary and middle-school classroom or field use. Digital/video option available.

Fisher Science Education™ Intermediate StereoZoom™ Microscope Products for Science Education

Suitable for middle-school and high-school classroom use.

Fisher Scientific™ Stereomaster™ Microscopes

Basic stereo microscopes for routine macro work