Custom Peptides

Tocris™ RQ 00203078

Potent and selective TRPM8 antagonist; orally active

Tocris™ SD 2590 hydrochloride

Potent MMP inhibitor

Tocris™ FFN 206 dihydrochloride

Fluorescent VMAT2 substrate

Tocris™ GSK 2194069

Potent human fatty acid synthase (hFASN) inhibitor

Tocris™ DPC AJ1951

Potent parathyroid hormone (PTH) receptor agonist

Tocris™ JTV 519 fumarate

Ryanodine receptor (RyR) inhibitor

Tocris™ TC NTR1 17

Selective non-peptide NTS1 agonist

Tocris™ Spadin

Potent TREK-1 channel blocker

Tocris™ Fenretinide - d4

Deuterated fenretinide (Cat. No. 1396)

Tocris™ Somatostatin

Influences growth hormone release

Tocris™ Obestatin (human)

Endogenous reported anorexigenic peptide

Tocris™ Amyloid b-peptide (10-20) (human)

Amyloid beta-peptide; substrate for MMP-2

Tocris™ Neuromedin N

Neurotensin-like peptide

Tocris™ cGMP dependent kinase inhibitor peptide

Inhibitor of protein kinases G and A

Tocris™ ERK5-IN-1

Potent and selective ERK5 inhibitor

Tocris™ TDFA

PAD4 inhibitor

Tocris™ [des-octanoyl]-Ghrelin (rat)

Major circulating form of ghrelin; devoid of activity at GHS receptor

Tocris™ [Ala11,D-Leu15]-Orexin B

Potent, selective OX2 receptor agonist

Tocris™ Fluoxetine - d5 hydrochloride

Deuterated fluoxetine (Cat. No. 0927)

Tocris™ Ispinesib

High affinity and selective allosteric KSP inhibitor

Tocris™ TAK 960 hydrochloride

Potent and selective PLK1 inhibitor

Tocris™ w-Agatoxin TK

Ca2+ channel blocker (P/Q-type)

Tocris™ TY 52156

S1P3 receptor antagonist

Tocris™ AC 710

Potent and selective PDGFR family inhibitor

Tocris™ [Arg14,Lys15]-Nociceptin

Highly potent and selective NOP agonist

Tocris™ Isotretinoin

Endogenous agonist for retinoic acid receptors; inducer of neuronal differentiation

Tocris™ AEG 40730 dihydrochloride

IAP antagonist; induces apoptosis

Tocris™ KYL

EphA4 kinase inhibitor; neuroprotective