Custom Peptides

Tocris™ 968

Allosteric inhibitor of glutaminase

Tocris™ AC 710

Potent and selective PDGFR family inhibitor

Tocris™ pep2m

Peptide inhibitor of GluR2 subunit binding to NSF. Reduces AMPA currents

Tocris™ ERK5-IN-1

Potent and selective ERK5 inhibitor

Tocris™ d[leu4,Lys8]-VP

Selective V1B agonist

Tocris™ Neuromedin N

Neurotensin-like peptide

Tocris™ Somatostatin

Influences growth hormone release

Tocris™ Nociceptin

Endogenous NOP agonist

Tocris™ SLIGKV-NH2

PAR2 receptor agonist

Tocris™ P1

Protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) inhibitor


Irreversible caspase-2 inhibitor

Tocris™ UNC 2327

Allosteric inhibitor of PRMT3

Tocris™ Angiotensin A

Potent endogenous vasoconstrictor peptide - derivative of angiotensin II (Cat. No. 1158)

Tocris™ Foxy 5

Wnt5a peptide mimetic

Tocris™ JIP-1 (153-163)

JNK-selective inhibitor peptide

Tocris™ Amyloid b-peptide (10-20) (human)

Amyloid beta-peptide; substrate for MMP-2

Tocris™ Z-DEVD-FMK

Cell-permeable, irreversible caspase-3 inhibitor

Tocris™ Bax inhibitor peptide V5

Inhibitor of Bax-mediated apoptosis

Tocris™ Olanzapine - d8

Deuterated olanzapine (Cat. No. 4349)

Tocris™ w-Agatoxin TK

Ca2+ channel blocker (P/Q-type)

Tocris™ ML 354

Selective PAR4 antagonist

Tocris™ AC 186

Potent and selective ERbeta agonist; neuroprotective

Tocris™ TC NTR1 17

Selective non-peptide NTS1 agonist

Tocris™ Allopregnanolone - d5

Deuterated allopregnanolone (Cat. No. 3653)

Tocris™ CORM 3

Water-soluble carbon monoxide-releasing molecule

Tocris™ Gap19

Cx43 hemichannel blocker

Tocris™ SD 2590 hydrochloride

Potent MMP inhibitor