Custom Services and Products

Thermo Scientific™ EpiJET™ Bisulfite Conversion Kit

The EpiJET Bisulfite Conversion Kit is used for an efficient bisulfite modification of DNA for methylation analysis.

Tocris™ MM 102

WDR5/MLL interaction inhibitor

Corning™ Laminin/Entactin High Concentration Extracellular Matrix Protein

Provides a highly defined 3D culture environment for cell differentiation assays

Tocris™ SP 141

High affinity MDM2 inhibitor

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Mouse CD25/IL-2 R alpha (NP_032393)

Studies suggest a correlation between the levels of CD25/IL-2 R alpha in serum with the onset of rejection in allograft recipients, with autoimmune disease activation in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosis patients and with the course of some leukemias and lymphomas

R&D Systems Epoxomicin

Cell-permeable, potent, selective and irreversible proteasome inhibitor

Tocris™ KYL

EphA4 kinase inhibitor; neuroprotective

Tocris™ Somatostatin

Influences growth hormone release

R&D Systems Mouse VSIG10 (NP_001028483) VersaClone cDNA

V-Set and Immunoglobulin Domain Containing 10

Tocris™ SIS3

Selective Smad3 inhibitor; inhibits TGF-betaR1 signaling

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human GABA-A R epsilon (NP_004952)

GABA-A receptors are heteropentamer combinations of seven subunit types

R&D Systems Human Plexin A3 (NP_059984) VersaClone cDNA

Sex chromosome X transmembrane protein of HGF receptor family 3

Tocris™ CRID3 sodium salt

Potent NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor; inhibits IL-1beta production

R&D Systems Z-Leu-Leu-Nva-CHO (MG-115)

Reversible, cell-permeable chymotrypsin-like peptidase inhibitor of the 20S proteasome

R&D Systems Human TGF-beta RII (NP_003233) VersaClone cDNA

TGF-beta receptor type IIB; TGF-beta receptor type-2; TGF-beta type II receptor; TGFbeta-RII; TGFR-2; transforming growth factor beta receptor type IIC

Tocris™ Simvastatin - d6

Deuterated simvastatin (Cat. No. 1965)

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Cynomolgus Monkey PD-1 (NP_001271065)

PD1 likely has an inhibitory role in regulating immune responses and may contribute to the prevention of autoimmune diseases

R&D Systems Human LILRA1/CD85i/LIR-6 (NP_006854) VersaClone cDNA

Leucocyte immunoglobulin-like receptoreukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamily A member 1

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human Connexin 37/GJA4 (NP_065168)

Mutations in GJA4 have been associated with atherosclerosis and a higher risk of myocardial infarction

R&D Systems Human VSIG10 (NP_061959) VersaClone cDNA

V-Set and Immunoglobulin Domain Containing 10

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human MFAP3L (NP_067679)

Microfibrillar-Associated Protein 3-Like

Tocris™ JNJ 27141491

Potent and selective human CCR2 antagonist

Tocris™ Nociceptin

Endogenous NOP agonist

R&D Systems Human VEGF R3/Flt-4 (NP_891555) VersaClone cDNA

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 3

Tocris™ Bax inhibitor peptide V5

Inhibitor of Bax-mediated apoptosis

R&D Systems Human ASGR2 (NP_001172) VersaClone cDNA

A subunit of the asialoglycoprotein receptor