Custom Rearray cDNAs, shRNAs, siRNAs, and PCR Probes

R&D Systems Mouse Tie-2 (NP_038718) VersaClone cDNA

Tyrosine Kinase with Immunoglobulin and Epidermal Growth Factor Homology Domains 2

R&D Systems Mouse VSIG8 (NP_808391) VersaClone cDNA

V-set and immunoglobulin domain containing 8

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human GlyT2/SLC6A5 (NP_004202)

SLC6A5 is found in glycinergic axons and maintains a high presynaptic pool of neurotransmitter at glycinergic synapses

R&D Systems Mouse TGF-beta RII (NP_033397) VersaClone cDNA

Transforming Growth Factor beta Receptor II

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Cynomolgus Monkey PD-1 (NP_001271065)

PD1 likely has an inhibitory role in regulating immune responses and may contribute to the prevention of autoimmune diseases

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Mouse PDGF R beta (NP_032835)

PDGFRB plays a novel role in the progression of many vascular diseases

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human GRIN2B/NMDAR2B (NP_000825)

NMDA receptors have a critical role in excitatory synaptic transmission and plasticity in the CNS.

R&D Systems Human Plexin A3 (NP_059984) VersaClone cDNA

Sex chromosome X transmembrane protein of HGF receptor family 3

R&D Systems Cotton Rat CD4 VersaClone cDNA

CD4 molecule, T-cell surface antigen T4/Leu-3

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human VSIG1 (NP_872413)

VSIG1 is expressed in normal stomach and testis, as well as in gastric, esophageal and ovarian cancers

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human CLCA2 (NP_006527)

CLCA2 plays a role in modulating chloride current across the plasma membrane in a calcium-dependent manner

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human GABA-A R epsilon (NP_004952)

GABA-A receptors are heteropentamer combinations of seven subunit types

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Mouse B7-2/CD86 (NP_062261)

B7-1 and B7-2, together with their receptors CD28 and CTLA4, constitute one of the dominant costimulatory pathways that regulate T and B cell responses.

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human Connexin 37/GJA4 (NP_065168)

Mutations in GJA4 have been associated with atherosclerosis and a higher risk of myocardial infarction

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Mouse VSIG1 (NP_084457)

VSIG1 is likely to serve as an adhesion molecule

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human Plexin A2 (NP_079455)

It participates in cell migration and axon guidance, and does so by serving as a receptor for Sema6A and B, and as a coreceptor with neuropilin 1 for Sema3A and C

R&D Systems Mouse M-CSF (NP_031804) VersaClone cDNA

Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human VSIG2 (NP_055127)

VSIG2 is a type I transmembrane glycoprotein at contains multiple N-glycosylation sites in the extracellular region and phosphorylation sites in the cytoplasmic tail.

R&D Systems Human ECSCR (NP_001071161) VersaClone cDNA

Endothelial Cell Surface Expressed Chemotaxis and Apoptosis Regulator

R&D Systems Human CD1e (CAB93150) VersaClone cDNA

HM31; ILT-6; ILT6CD85e; Immunoglobulin-like transcript 6; leucocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor