Sample Cups

Fisherbrand™ Multipurpose Sample Cups

Heavy-duty polystyrene to prevent cracking or tipping

Fisherbrand™ Caps for Multi-Purpose Sample Cups Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Fit 0.25, 0.5 and 2.0mL capacity cups

Fisherbrand™ Nesting Sample Cups

Designed for pediatric or geriatric samples or insufficient draws

Eisco Small Graduated Cup - 25mL capacity, 5mL graduations

These transparent polypropylene cups can be used to measure different volumes up to 25mL.

Rotronic Disposable Sample Cups

Ensures optimum sample volume is introduced into the sample holders.

Medline™ Graduated Medicine Cups

Translucent cups suitable for dispensing both liquid and dry medications

Globe Scientific Sample Cups for Ciba Corning™ 550 Express

For use on automated instrumentation including 550 Express, Express Plus analyzers

Globe Scientific Polystyrene Nesting Sample Cups

Used when smaller sampling is necessary

Evergreen Scientific False-Bottom Serum Tubes

For use with most high-volume analyzers

Evergreen Scientific Piggyback Serum Cups

For laboratories that use high-speed analyzers

Integra™ Miltex™ Medicine Cups

Graduated cup with 2 oz. capacity

Cargille Labs Discups™ Disposable Paper Beakers

Ideal for measuring, weighing, mixing, formulating, and sampling