Securing Genomic Samples Against Contamination


There are a number of challenges in genomics research, but the last thing you want to struggle with is keeping your samples free from contamination, especially contamination that comes from your sample containers and pipette tips. That’s why the Thermo Scientific team works to produce high-quality containers and tips that guard against contamination.

Contaminant-Free Containers

The new Thermo Scientific Sterilin 30mL Universal Sample Containers are certified to be free of RNase, DNase, human DNA and pyrogens, helping to ensure that your container will not be a source of contaminating DNA. They’re ideally suited for managing large-volume samples common in genomic and molecular applications.

To make handling easy, Sterilin Containers are free-standing, can be centrifuged up to 9,500 x g, and are individually lot numbered to support traceability. Plus, Thermo Scientific routinely tests its containers for compliance at ambient temperatures by submitting them to rigorous leak tests — BS EN 14254 and 95kPA — to ensure that every valuable sample is safely and securely maintained. 

Robotic Tips for Automation

Automated liquid handling in genomics applications has become significantly more popular over the past decade thanks to high-throughput sample processing. Integrating automation with other molecular lab applications reduces cost per sample and offers plug-and-play implementation. This shift from manual to automated work has increased the need for automated liquid handlers and robotic tips — the latter of which represent a physically small but highly important piece in the automated genomics workflow.

Purifying your genomic DNA is the first step in any genomics application, and choosing the right pipette tip for your liquid handling workstation based on sample type will help you get off to a smooth start. The Thermo Scientific brand offers standard and specialized tips that support purification of any sample type.

Thermo Scientific robotic tips are designed to help you transfer defined quantities of reagents to reaction wells quickly, accurately and reliably. The full line of tips features over 300 products designed to fit over 50 liquid handling workstations, making them a convenient choice for your lab. 

Moreover, Thermo Scientific tips are tested and validated on the actual workstations intended for their use. And similar to the brand’s containers, its tips undergo a rigorous 15-point quality control process to help ensure that every tip will deliver the reliability and consistency the industry demands.

With Thermo Scientific tips, you can choose the exact options you need, including:

  • Sterile or nonsterile 
  • Filtered or unfiltered 
  • Conductive (liquid-sensing) or clear 
  • Regular or wide bore 
  • Regular or extended length 
  • Regular or low retention 

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing consumables, the Thermo Scientific team is ready to help secure your genomics work against contamination.

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