Lab Reporter Issue 2, 2017

Lab Reporter Issue 2, 2017
Thermo Scientific Chromatography


Brewery Wastewater: A New Source of Energy

Your favorite brewery may soon help to create renewable energy: engineers have figured out a way to turn their sugar-rich wastewater into fuel cells.

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Stem Cells: The Heart of the Matter

A team of researchers from Pennsylvania State University has developed a process that turns human stem cells into epicardium cells that may be used to help heart attack survivors.

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Finding the Right HPLC Solvents

HPLC is one of the most common analytical procedures performed in labs today, and the correct solvent is key to successful analyses.

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Targeting Diseases with Monoclonal Antibodies

Targeted monoclonal antibody therapies are becoming more popular and effective. By 2020, there may be as many as 70 of these therapies in use — with worldwide sales nearing $125 billion.

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Spill Control Program


Establish a Spill Control Program

Leaks, drips and spills are an unavoidable reality, but establishing a workplace spill control program can have a positive impact on safety, financial performance and overall productivity.

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OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balances


Securing Genomic Samples Against Contamination

There are a number of challenges in genomics research. Help guard against contamination with high-quality containers and pipette tips from Thermo Scientific.

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