Issue 3

LabReporter Issue 3
Kimberly-Clark Professional


Marine Litter: A Drifting Concern

Marine litter is floating in waters all over the world and taking its toll on humans and fish alike.

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New Tests Measure Mercury Contamination in Fish and Water

In an effort to guard against mercury poisoning, two groups from the University of Burgos have developed new methods for detecting the toxic metal.

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New Electroporation Device Simplifies Cell Access

A research team from Rutgers University has developed a new electroporation device that may help to deliver therapeutic drugs to cells more effectively.

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Simplifying Immune Oncology Research

By using a patient’s own immune cells to attack cancer cells, immunotherapy treatments are showing positive results, including total remission in some cases.

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Taking Recycling to the Next Level

Since 2011, the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ RightCycle Program for lab and cleanroom gloves and apparel has diverted 300 tons of waste from landfills.

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