Research Essentials

Research Essentials Research Essentials

Return to work confidently with the lab supplies and PPE you need to help you stay safe and productive.

As you and your colleagues make your transition, you can continue to count on the Fisher Scientific team to help you move forward with vaccine, therapeutic, and other research that you do every day.

To keep your research progressing, we're working with our supplier partners to increase our inventories of critical products. We've highlighted essential product categories below so you can quickly find the products you're looking for.


Vaccine Development, Production, and Distribution Solutions

From virology research and vaccine development to surveillance testing and vaccine distribution, we offer products, resources, and expertise for every stage of the process.

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Molecular and Cellular Analysis Workflow Solutions

Choose from a wide selection of workflow essentials and special offers from the most trusted brands in the industry.

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Top Categories

Equipment and Instruments

Equipment and Instruments

Choose from a wide variety of upright and benchtop equipment and appliances for preparing, separating, and preserving your samples.

Lab Essentials

Lab Essentials

Find glassware and plasticware essentials that support your research applications, including cell culture plastics, pipettes, tubes, vials, and more.



Browse a wide selection of acids, bases, solvents, blends, and custom chemicals in the quantities and specifications that work best for your research.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Explore a range of products to support your protein-based and molecular biology research, plus a rich assortment of items to advance your cell culture, PCR, and qPCR workflows.


Personal Protective Equipment

The right equipment can help keep you, and those around you, safe. Shop products designed to protect you when it matters most.

Protecting What Matters Most Protecting What Matters Most