Test Tubes, Vials, Caps and Closures


Choose the right test tubes and vials and the appropriate caps and closures for your projects. Consider the quality, strength, and reliability of the products for your sensitive samples.


Vials are available in a variety of styles. Find autosampler vials, vial caps and closures, and vial inserts for chromatography with snap, screw, or crimp-top closures, with and without septa. Autosampler vials come in convenient pre-packaged sets.

Other options include general-purpose clear or amber glass and plastic sample vials and cryogenic storage vials for cell culture and biological samples. Liquid scintillation counting vials, serum, dilution, and other specialty types are also available.


A wide range of tube varieties also come in plastic or glass including, simple culture tubes and high-strength centrifuge tubes. Disposable and reusable test tubes are available in a range of capacities and shapes. Centrifuge, microcentrifuge, and PCR tubes come in an assortment of capacities, materials, styles, RCF ratings, and closure types.

NMR tubes can be found in a range of specifications for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic analyses. Other storage, hybridization, gas collection, color comparison, culture, drying, and specialty tubes are also available.

Tube and Vial Accessories

Racks and storage products, including wooden, metal, and molded plastic, are available in your choice of sizes and configurations.

Other vial accessoriesinclude decappers, crimpers, and colored vial cap inserts for easy identification.


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