Fisher Scientific Services Help Your Lab Work


Fisher Scientific Services Help Your Lab Work

Our services and programs keep your lab running smoothly so you can focus all of your time on making discoveries and performing research. Take advantage of chemical stockroom management, GHS guidelines and sustainability and supplier diversity programs.


Chemical Stockroom Program

Find chemical storage and handling recommendations, chemical compatibility charts, recommended essential products and the Chemical Stockroom Handbook.

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Globally Harmonized System

GHS affects all of us and Fisher Safety has you covered with access to training programs, materials, resources and products that comply with the new requirements.

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Sustainability Program

Fisher Scientific helps customers and suppliers protect and preserve the environment. Together, we can be sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Supplier Diversity Program

We are dedicated to building plans to meet the diverse business requirements of our customers. Enjoy access to the same quality and choice of products through our strong network of diversity partners.

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Thermo Fisher Financial Services

At Thermo Fisher Financial Services, we understand your advanced equipment requirements and the business challenges that you face when launching a new laboratory. Having worked with hundreds of lab start-ups, we know the challenges in securing the right type of funding and the best way to apply that investment for your lab. Using internal financing gives you access to industry experts who know the business, equipment, and market outlook.

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