Safety Program Services

Safety Program Services

Take advantage of these well-established safety programs to help promote compliance within your organization. Programs include those designed to provide safety prescription eyewear and protective footwear, help reinforce hearing conservation and respiratory compliance, and monitor gas detection activities.

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Compliance Tracking and Reporting

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Blackline Safety Analytics

Help drive worksite process and productivity improvements through the Blackline Safety analytics program. It uses connected safety technology to collect data that lets you analyze patterns and safety behavior at your worksite.

Learn More About Blackline Safety Analytics (PDF, 303KB)

Gas Detection and Lone Worker

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Blackline Safety Monitoring

Monitor the safety of your facility live 24/7 with the help of agents specially trained to handle gas and lone worker incidents from receipt to resolution. They will involve first responders as needed, freeing up time so you can focus on other tasks.

Learn More About Blackline Safety Monitoring (PDF, 306KB)

Hearing Conservation


3M Hearing Fit Testing

Teach your employees to perform and better understand fit testing of ear protection with the help of 3M Safety representatives.

Prescription Safety Eyewear


Eyelation Eyewear Program

Easily procure eyewear for your employees through the Eyelation Prescription Safety Eyewear Program. Orders can be placed through an online platform or an onsite kiosk (for qualifying customers). Select from over 125 styles from leading brands.

Learn More About Eyelation Eyewear (PDF, 305KB)


SafeVision Eyewear Program

Simplify and manage prescription safety eyewear ordering with SafeVision from Hoya. Enjoy package pricing and save money on a comprehensive range of frame and lens options that meet ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Learn More About SafeVision Eyewear (PDF, 285KB)

Respiratory Compliance


3M Medical Evaluation

Provide convenient, efficient, and cost-effective medical evaluations for your team through the 3M Online Medical Evaluation System.

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National Fit Testing Services

Help ensure respiratory equipment fits your people properly with the help of National Fit Testing Services. This nationwide fit testing firm specializes in comprehensive onsite respiratory protection programs that comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134.

Learn More About Respirator Fit Testing (PDF, 405KB)


Safety Footwear Program


Eyelation Footwear Program

Get ANSI-approved safety footwear through the Eyelation 24/7 online ordering platform and onsite kiosk. Select from over 75 brands and approximately 1,750 styles.

Learn More About Eyelation Safety Footwear (PDF, 325 KB)