Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ ECL 2 Western Blotting Substrate

Recommended HRP substrate for fluorescence imagers

Pierce ECL 2 Substrate is a chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent substrate to detect peroxidase activity from HRP-conjugated antibodies and probes by Western blotting using X-ray film, CCD camera documentation systems or laser-based imagers. Pierce ECL 2 Substrate generates acridinium esters when it reacts with HRP. As these ester intermediates react with peroxide, they produce a strong and sustained chemiluminescent signal that can be captured by X-ray film CCD imaging. The substrate also produces a robust fluorescent signal that can be captured with fluorescence imagers.

Pierce ECL 2 substrate enables the detection of low-picogram amounts of target protein on nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane when probed with appropriate primary and secondary antibody concentrations. A broad dynamic range and excellent sensitivity combined with a long-lasting signal make Pierce ECL 2 Substrate a desirable Western blotting substrate.

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Product Type Pierce ECL 2 western blotting Substrate
Includes Detection reagent 1 and 2
Recommended Storage 2° to 8°C
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Includes: Detection Reagent 1 and 2

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Thermo Scientific
250cm2 of membrane 25mL Each for $90.78
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10 Mini-gel blots, 1000cm2 of membrane 100mL Each for $316.68
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Thermo Scientific
30 Mini-gel blots, 3000cm2 of membrane 3 x 100mL Each for $644.28
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