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Your valuable feedback helps us improve Fisherbrand™ products for you and your colleagues. And as more customers like you provide ratings, you’ll know which products are recommended by your peers, helping you make more informed and efficient buying decisions.

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Simply sign in and visit the My Ratings page to rate and review Fisherbrand products you’ve purchased. eProcurement customers are not eligible.

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How We Verify Ratings

Fisherbrand product ratings are available for online purchases made directly through This enables us to verify that every rating comes from a customer who bought one of the Fisherbrand products included in our ratings program.

Due to the requirements of this verification process: 

  • The ratings program is not available at this time for customers who make online purchases through eProcurement solutions
  • Only select Fisherbrand products are being included in the program at this time

Please note that your rating will be shared publicly, but your review and identity will not.

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How We Calculate Ratings

The Average Customer Rating for a product is calculated by averaging the Quality and Value ratings given by verified customers.

Quality: Does the quality meet your expectations?

Value: Does the product offer good value for the price?


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