Dynalon™ Utility Funnels Products for Science Education

Lightweight funnels are inexpensive and great for general use.

Dynalon™ Polymethylpentene Beakers Products for Science Education

A safe alternative to glass in the classroom lab.

Dynalon™ Azlon™ Autoclavable Wash Bottle Products for Science Education

Used to rinse various pieces of laboratory glassware. Dynalon™ Azlon™ Wash Bottle is autoclavable at 121°C

Dynalon™ Büchner Funnels Products for Science Education

Easily separated for cleaning.

Dynalon™ Pi-Pump™ Pipetter Pump

Accurate, precise, and safe, even for use with toxic or corrosive chemicals

Dynalon™ Round Narrow Mouth Graduated Bottles Products for Science Education

For storing liquids, reagents, media, buffers and aqueous solutions. Dynalon™ Round Narrow Mouth Graduated Bottles are transparent and allows easy measurement and view of contents.

Dynalon™ Baritainer™ Jerry Cans

Environmentally friendly alternative solution for packaging, storing and transporting chemicals that usually require glass, metal, fluorinated HDPE or other single barrier containers

Dynalon™ Kartell Graduated Rectangular Bottles Products for Science Education

2 Liter HDPE rectangular bottles.

Dynalon™ Disposable Specimen Container with Lid Products for Science Education

Designed to simplify and standardize the handling and storage of specimens.

Dynalon™ Dispensing Bottles Products for Science Education

Low-density polyethylene bottles.

Fisherbrand™ HDPE/PP Round Dipping Baskets

Sturdy and chemical resistant

Dynalon™ Kartell™ Stackable Deep Trays Products for Science Education

HDPE, stackable and low form trays.

Dynalon™ Labware Buerkle Mini Solvent Pump Products for Science Education

Used for the reliable filling of small containers such as bottles, canisters, carboys and tanks with GL45 threads from 1 liter to 5 liters.

Dynalon™ Multi-lingual Wide Mouth GHS Wash Bottles, 500mL Products for Science Education

Ideal for storing solvents. Dynalon™ Multi-lingual Wide Mouth GHS Wash Bottles features patented DripLok™ vapor venting valve that prevents solvent drips.

Dynalon™ Economy Pipet Tips Products for Science Education

Fits wide range of micro pipets.

Dynalon™ Plastic Beaker with Handle Products for Science Education

Our handles make your handling of solutions easier and safer.

Dynalon™ Polypropylene Graduated Cylinders Products for Science Education

Molded of chemical-resistant, autoclavable polypropylene

Dynalon™ Kartell Weighing Bottles with Lids Products for Science Education

Reduce the tare weight correction with these lightweight, autoclavable, reusable translucent bottles.

Polymethylpentene Graduated Cylinders Products for Science Education

Clear, shatterproof polymethylpentene polymer.

Dynalon™ Acrylic Burets Products for Science Education

Durable and transparent.

Dynalon™ Carboy Spill Tray Products for Science Education

Safely contains spills from leaky carboy/bottle spigots or other lab items. Dynalon™ Carboy Spill Tray is designed for laboratory carboys or other large containers with spigots.