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GSC is your trusted choice for hands-on science teaching aids, educational science equipment, science supplies, and science lab equipment.  Our team has provided quality classroom science teaching aids that make science education interactive and engaging for more than 50 years.


GSC International Human Uterus Microscope Slide Products for Science Education

Shows different stages of human uterus

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Conductivity Kit Products for Science Education

Provides visual demonstration of conductive properties of variety of liquids.

GSC International Specimen Jars Products for Science Education

For storage and dispensing specimens. GSC International Specimen Jars are made of glass for its optical qualities of light transmission and chemical resistance making them perfect for lab use.

GSC International Mammal Cervix Uteri Microscope Slide

Shows columnar epithelium in the canal of the cervix

GSC International Rubberized Cloth Apron Products for Science Education

Provides basic protection from chemicals in laboratory or classroom settings. The GSC International Rubberized Cloth Apron is made of rubberized cloth and available in several sizes.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Voltaic Cell Products for Science Education

For demonstrating characteristics of primary cell.  

GSC International Bottles with Dropper Assembly Products for Science Education

For storage and dispensing. GSC International Bottles with Dropper Assembly are made of glass.

GSC International Electroscopes Flask Type Products for Science Education

Visual demonstration of electrostatic forces.

GSC International Laboratory Grade Cork Stoppers Products for Science Education

Available in different sizes for many laboratory or classroom needs. GSC International Laboratory Grade Cork Stoppers are solid type corks, and have a variety of useful applications.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Mechanical Physics Video Products for Science Education

Real world video labs with technology for measuring results.

GSC Cork Ball 25mm Drilled

A 25mm Cork Ball with a 3mm drilled hole which can serve many different purposes in the classroom and lab setting.

GSC International Borosilicate Glass Tubing, 48 in. length Products for Science Education

Contructed from borosilicate gas for greater heat tolerance. GSC International Borosilicate Glass Tubing is available in a variety of diameters for different applications.

GSC Equilateral Prism Glass

Prisms are a great teaching tool for demonstrations using light. The GSC Equilateral Prism Glass is a great teaching tool for demonstrations using light. This prism is right angle and glass.

GSC International Petri Dishes Products for Science Education

For general laboratory use. GSC International Petri Dishes are made of polystyrene

Mohr's Burets Products for Science Education

For use with a pinchcock.

GSC International Mammal Vagina Microscope Slide

Shows cornified squamous epithelium


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GSC’s mission is to make science fun! Our tag line is “Go Science Crazy,” GSC provides relevant, quality, educational materials and lab supplies to assist teachers in educating future scientists. Our team has provided interactive and engaging science materials for more than 50 years.

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