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Quality Classroom Science Teaching Aids

GSC is your trusted choice for hands-on science teaching aids, educational science equipment, science supplies, and science lab equipment.  Our team has provided quality classroom science teaching aids that make science education interactive and engaging for more than 50 years.


GSC International PIPE CLEANERS 144/PK




GSC Go Science Crazy Low Friction Aluminum Pulley Products for Science Education

Low friction aluminum pulley with 50mm wheel and cast metal frame.

GSC Go Science Crazy Balloons for Lung Demonstration Products for Science Education

Balloons often used as replacement parts for the lung demonstration 120310

GSC Go Science Crazy Mirror Plexiglass Products for Science Education

A small and durable mirror. The GSC Mirror Plexiglass is extremely resistant to shattering.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wave Demonstration Kit Products for Science Education

A mesmerizing demonstration of wave patterns

GSC Erlenmeyer Flask Mug Products for Science Education

GSC Erlenmeyer Flask Mug is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that can withstand temperatures of up to 510°C. Graduated up to 400mL.

GSC Go Science Crazy Handheld Salinity Refractometer Products for Science Education

A portable kit for determining the salinity in water.

GSC Go Science Crazy New York Demonstration Balance Products for Science Education

A great classroom apparatus to help students understand the principles of torque and its properties. The GSC New York Demonstration Balance helps demonstrate the relationship between length of the lever arm, moment of force, and amount of force. The unit is designed to help students to understand the principles of torque and its properties.

GSC Go Science Crazy Polystyrene 12 Depression Spot Plate Products for Science Education

Provides students with a polystyrene surface for spot testing. The GSC International Polystyrene 12 Depression Spot Plate is compact for easy use and is great for spot testing in lab or classroom settings.

GSC Beaker Coffee Mug Products for Science Education

GSC Beaker Coffee Mug features a caffeine symbol to show the world your love of coffee and science

GSC Go Science Crazy Double Concave Lens Products for Science Education

For general optics experiments

GSC Go Science Crazy Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads Products for Science Education

Keep your surfaces safe from hot items. The GSC International Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads are made from flexible alumina and silica oxides.

GSC Go Science Crazy Pulley Table Clamp Products for Science Education

Ideal for composition of forces and inclined plane experiments.

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles Products for Science Education

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles can launch the plastic marbles a maximum of 8 meters

GSC Go Science Crazy Round Electroscope with Pointer Products for Science Education

Apparatus for detecting the presence and magnitude of electrical charge. By applying a charge to the metal ball on the top of the Electroscope, the pointer on the inside will then deflect by an amount that is proportional to the charge.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center Products for Science Education

Distributes heat evenly while using a Bunsen burner. GSC International Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center features rolled smooth wire edges and a clean white center ceramic. A variety of sizes are available.

GSC Go Science Crazy Steel Ball, Drilled Products for Science Education

Steel physics balls can serve many different purposes in a classroom or lab setting. The GSC Steel Ball has a drilled hole.

GSC Go Science Crazy Archimedes Principle Kit Products for Science Education

Classroom apparatus that helps teach students about Archimedes Principle and buoyancy. Objects appear to weigh less when submerged in water because the objects are buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.

GSC Go Science Crazy Dynamics Cart Products for Science Education

A great tool for experiments in conservation, velocity, elastic collision, acceleration and momentum. The GSC Dynamics Cart is for performing experiments in conservation, velocity, elastic collision, acceleration and momentum. The set contains two high impact plastic cars with snap in wheels and two spring steel bumpers with rubber stopper assemblies. Each car has a recession for holding additional weight.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wire Gauze Products for Science Education

Aids in the distribution of heat while using a Bunsen burner. GSC International Wire Gauze features rolled smooth wire edges. A variety of sizes are available.

GSC Ampere's Law Demonstration Kit Products for Science Education

GSC Ampere's Law Demonstration Kit consists of a heavy brass wire attached to a transparent plastic base

GSC Go Science Crazy 25mm Glass Marbles Products for Science Education

Glass Marbles that can be used in the classroom and lab setting. The GSC 25mm Glass Marbles are sold by the dozen.

GSC Go Science Crazy Dropper Assemblies Products for Science Education

For 1 ounce bottles. GSC International Dropper Assemblies are made of clear glass

GSC Go Science Crazy Pinchcock Attachment for Buret Products for Science Education

Tubing slips over the end of any buret.

GSC Go Science Crazy Conductivity Testers Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the effects of liquid conductivity.

GSC Go Science Crazy Weatherball Barometers Products for Science Education

Predicts barometric pressure.

GSC Go Science Crazy Magnet Wire, 26 Gauge Products for Science Education

Tool for various experiments of lab repairs.


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GSC wants you to have fun with science so that you can Go Science Crazy. Located in Nixa, Missouri, GSC has provided interactive and engaging science materials for over 50 years, developing an intimate knowledge of what it takes to make the lab a fun and exciting place.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for the best for your students, a laboratory veteran, or a modern-day Einstein-in-the-making, GSC strives daily to give you high-quality products. From scientific glassware to lab supplies, prepared microscope slides, and more, they have hundreds of hands-on ways to study and experiment with chemistry, electricity, physics, and biology. Check out their products today!