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Quality Classroom Science Teaching Aids

GSC is your trusted choice for hands-on science teaching aids, educational science equipment, science supplies, and science lab equipment.  Our team has provided quality classroom science teaching aids that make science education interactive and engaging for more than 50 years.


GSC Go Science Crazy Lung Demonstration Model

Apparatus for classroom to demonstrate how lungs function. Partial vacuum inside the jar causes the lung shaped balloons to relax and contract.

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles can launch the plastic marbles a maximum of 8 meters

GSC Go Science Crazy Weight Set, Hooked 9 pieces

Quality accurately calibrated weight set with case

GSC Go Science Crazy Rubber Policeman

Great tool for working with tissues and cultures.

GSC Go Science Crazy Orienteering Compass

For any map related works.

GSC Beaker Coffee Mug

GSC Beaker Coffee Mug features a caffeine symbol to show the world your love of coffee and science

GSC Go Science Crazy Energy Transfer Demonstration

Investigate the transfer of heat between hot and cold liquids. The GSC Energy Transfer Demonstration allows students to observe heat being transferred through an aluminum bar between two calorimeters by measuring the temperatures over time in each.

GSC Go Science Crazy DC Motor with Leads

Choose the GSC DC Motor with Leads for providing a compact powersource for classroom experiments. This little, yet powerful, motor is ideal for hundreds of electrical experiments and projects.

GSC Go Science Crazy Density Rod

To compare the density of different materials

GSC Go Science Crazy 10 Level Conductivity Tester

Tool for quickly and easily determining the conductivity of various solutions. The 10 Level Conductivity Indicator can be used for quick comparisons of conductivity in solutions such as tap water, vinegar, baking soda solution, or varying concentrations of salt water.

GSC Go Science Crazy Balloons for Lung Demonstration

Balloons often used as replacement parts for the lung demonstration 120310

GSC Go Science Crazy New York Demonstration Balance

A great classroom apparatus to help students understand the principles of torque and its properties. The GSC New York Demonstration Balance helps demonstrate the relationship between length of the lever arm, moment of force, and amount of force. The unit is designed to help students to understand the principles of torque and its properties.

GSC Erlenmeyer Flask Mug

GSC Erlenmeyer Flask Mug is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that can withstand temperatures of up to 510°C. Graduated up to 400mL.

GSC Go Science Crazy Glass Tubing Flint

Uniform wall, low melting point

GSC Go Science Crazy Projectile Launcher

Alter the mass of projectiles and observe the effect on their trajectories. The GSC Projectile Launcher features a built-in clamp to fasten the device securely to tabletops.

GSC Electrode Mini Disc Set

GSC Electrode Mini Discs are useful in thermal conductivity experiments

GSC Go Science Crazy Clinometer

A tool for determining the height or slope of a tall object.

GSC Go Science Crazy Equilateral Prism Glass

Prisms are a great teaching tool for demonstrations using light. The GSC Equilateral Prism Glass is a great teaching tool for demonstrations using light. This prism is right angle and glass.

GSC Go Science Crazy Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup

Helps to visually demonstrate electro-chemical changes taking place. The GSC Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup is supplied with electrodes that includes; copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, brass, iron and nickel, round carbon rod and a porous cup. The Voltaic Cell is ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of a primary cell.

GSC Polarization Experiment

GSC Polarization Experiment allows users to investigate linear polarization, which occurs when the electromagnetic waves of a photon are all aligned in one direction

GSC Go Science Crazy Density Rod Set

Density rod sets are ideal for studying the relationship between mass and density.

GSC Go Science Crazy Stepped Pulley Wheel & Axle

A great teaching tool for demonstrating the conservation of energy. The GSC Stepped Pulley Wheel & Axle is often used to demonstrate principals of conservation of energy and simple machines. The pulley is constructed of plastic with a steel rod and roller bearing hub.

GSC Go Science Crazy Happy and Sad Balls

A great demonstration that easily compares elastic and inelastic collisions. The GSC Happy and Sad Balls can be used to demonstrate the difference between elastic and inelastic collisions. These have virtually the same density, mass and appearance. When the balls are thrown down, one bounces while the other hits the surface and lies there.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wave Demonstration Kit

A mesmerizing demonstration of wave patterns

GSC Go Science Crazy Blood Pressure Kit

How's your blood pressure today?

GSC 21mm, 10X Lens with Metal Frame

GSC 21mm, 10X Lens with Metal Frame provides small, convenient magnifying lenses that fold into their own handles, allowing them to stay protected when not in use

GSC Go Science Crazy 25mm Solid Steel Ball

A 25mm solid Steel Ball which can serve many different purposes in the classroom and lab setting.

GSC Go Science Crazy Extension Ring

Extension Ring, Steel Construction 4 in Size


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GSC wants you to have fun with science so that you can Go Science Crazy. Located in Nixa, Missouri, GSC has provided interactive and engaging science materials for over 50 years, developing an intimate knowledge of what it takes to make the lab a fun and exciting place.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for the best for your students, a laboratory veteran, or a modern-day Einstein-in-the-making, GSC strives daily to give you high-quality products. From scientific glassware to lab supplies, prepared microscope slides, and more, they have hundreds of hands-on ways to study and experiment with chemistry, electricity, physics, and biology. Check out their products today!