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Quality Classroom Science Teaching Aids

GSC is your trusted choice for hands-on science teaching aids, educational science equipment, science supplies, and science lab equipment.  Our team has provided quality classroom science teaching aids that make science education interactive and engaging for more than 50 years.


GSC Go Science Crazy Lung Demonstration Model

Apparatus for classroom to demonstrate how lungs function. Partial vacuum inside the jar causes the lung shaped balloons to relax and contract.

GSC Beaker Coffee Mug

GSC Beaker Coffee Mug features a caffeine symbol to show the world your love of coffee and science

GSC Erlenmeyer Flask Mug

GSC Erlenmeyer Flask Mug is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that can withstand temperatures of up to 510°C. Graduated up to 400mL.

GSC Go Science Crazy Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup

Helps to visually demonstrate electro-chemical changes taking place. The GSC Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup is supplied with electrodes that includes; copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, brass, iron and nickel, round carbon rod and a porous cup. The Voltaic Cell is ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of a primary cell.

GSC Go Science Crazy Rubber Policeman

Great tool for working with tissues and cultures.

GSC Go Science Crazy Cloud Forming Apparatus

A apparatus that helps demonstrate how clouds form. The GSC Cloud Forming Apparatus demonstrates the principles of cloud formation even when there isn't a cloud in the sky. When the atmospheric pressure is lowered in the chamber and smoke particles are introduced, a nucleus for the formation of water droplets is produced. When the bulb is compressed and then suddenly released, a cloud is formed inside the flask.

GSC Go Science Crazy Hooke's Law Demonstration

A great classroom apparatus to help students understand the principles of Hooke's Law. The GSC Hooke's Law Demonstration includes a sturdy base, testing spring, metal scale, an indicator needle, and a complete set of hooked weights. Instructions included.

GSC Go Science Crazy Write-On Dry Erase Globe

Helps students learn geography. Globe can be wrote on with a dry-erase marker, and helps students memorize geographic locations.

GSC Go Science Crazy DC Motor with Leads

Choose the GSC DC Motor with Leads for providing a compact powersource for classroom experiments. This little, yet powerful, motor is ideal for hundreds of electrical experiments and projects.

GSC Go Science Crazy Energy Transfer Demonstration

Investigate the transfer of heat between hot and cold liquids. The GSC Energy Transfer Demonstration allows students to observe heat being transferred through an aluminum bar between two calorimeters by measuring the temperatures over time in each.

GSC Go Science Crazy Ballistics Car With Magnetic Release

Demonstration to help students understand Newtons first law of motion.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wave Demonstration Kit

A welcome addition to any classroom. This Kit will help students visualize how waves propagation works. The GSC Wave Demonstration Kit comes with one long, narrow steel helical spring and, one larger helical spring that are matched to give nearly equal amplitudes of reflected and transmitted pulses and waves. A string and instructions are also included in the kit.

GSC Go Science Crazy Projectile Launcher

Alter the mass of projectiles and observe the effect on their trajectories. The GSC Projectile Launcher features a built-in clamp to fasten the device securely to tabletops.

GSC Go Science Crazy Equilateral Prism Glass

Prisms are a great teaching tool for demonstrations using light. The GSC Equilateral Prism Glass is a great teaching tool for demonstrations using light. This prism is right angle and glass.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wave Demonstration Kit

A mesmerizing demonstration of wave patterns

GSC Go Science Crazy Free Fall - Guinea and Feather

A great classroom demonstration to show how different objects fall in a vacuum. The plexiglass cylinder is capped with a hard rubber closure at one end. A hose connector is fitted to the opposite end and is used to attach a vacuum pump (not included) to evacuate the air. When a vacuum is pulled in the tube and the tube is inverted, the disc and feather will fall at the same rate.

GSC Go Science Crazy Porous Cup for Voltaic Cell

A cup that works with the GSC Voltaic Cell. The GSC Porous Cup for Voltaic Cell holds both round and flat electrodes.

GSC Go Science Crazy Resonance Apparatus

A simple apparatus that measures the velocity of sound in the air. The GSC Resonance Apparatus measures the velocity of sound in the air. Partially fill the resonance tube with water and then sound a tuning fork of known frequency at the tubes open upper end of the Resonance Tube.

GSC Go Science Crazy Second Law of Motion

A great for unit for students to easily visualize and grasp Newton's Second Law of Motion. The GSC Second Law of Motion helps students to visualize and grasp Newton's Second Law of Motion. This sturdy unit demonstrates that a horizontally projected ball and a vertically dropped ball land at the same time.

GSC Go Science Crazy Glass Tubing Flint

Uniform wall, low melting point

GSC Go Science Crazy Balloons for Lung Demonstration

Balloons often used as replacement parts for the lung demonstration 120310

GSC Go Science Crazy Electrode Carbon with Stopper

A carbon electrode to be used in conjunction with the GSC Hoffman Electrolysis. The GSC Electrode Carbon with Stopper is a carbon rod that can be fitted into a rubber stopper, to be used with a Hoffman Electrolysis.

GSC Go Science Crazy Incline Plane Friction Set

A great addition to any science classroom, the Incline Plane Friction Set demonstrates the resolution of forces, uniform and accelerated motion, and potential energies. The GSC Incline Plane Friction Set can be used for multiple demonstrations including the resolution of forces, uniform and accelerated motion, and potential energies.

GSC Go Science Crazy New York Demonstration Balance

A great classroom apparatus to help students understand the principles of torque and its properties. The GSC New York Demonstration Balance helps demonstrate the relationship between length of the lever arm, moment of force, and amount of force. The unit is designed to help students to understand the principles of torque and its properties.

GSC Go Science Crazy Orienteering Compass

For any map related works.

GSC Go Science Crazy Cast Iron Support Ring Stand

Great for holding all sorts of lab equipment in a small space. The GSC Cast Iron Support Ring Stand is made from cast-iron, with an enamel finish that is acid resistant. Includes a zinc plated steel rod that screws into the base support.

GSC Go Science Crazy 10 Level Conductivity Tester

Tool for quickly and easily determining the conductivity of various solutions. The 10 Level Conductivity Indicator can be used for quick comparisons of conductivity in solutions such as tap water, vinegar, baking soda solution, or varying concentrations of salt water.

GSC Go Science Crazy Rubber Dam

Natural Gum Tan Rubber Sheet

GSC Go Science Crazy 25mm Glass Marbles

Glass Marbles that can be used in the classroom and lab setting. The GSC 25mm Glass Marbles are sold by the dozen.


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