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GSC is your trusted choice for hands-on science teaching aids, educational science equipment, science supplies, and science lab equipment.  Our team has provided quality classroom science teaching aids that make science education interactive and engaging for more than 50 years.


International Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstrates qualitative and quantitative measurement of electrical current's effect on liquids.

GSC International Compass Board Products for Science Education

Great for a simple lines of force demonstration.

GSC International Nostoc Microscope Slide

Shows filaments and sheaths

GSC International Human Uterus Microscope Slide Products for Science Education

Shows different stages of human uterus

Platinum Electrodes Products for Science Education

Precision tube construction provides desired results.

Clamp Holder

A cast iron clamp which can rotate, and is used to hold objects on a support rod

GSC GSC International Voltmeters Products for Science Education

For numerous electrical experiments.

GSC International Mammal Cervix Uteri Microscope Slide

Shows columnar epithelium in the canal of the cervix

GSC International Laboratory Grade Cork Stoppers Products for Science Education

Available in different sizes for many laboratory or classroom needs. GSC International Laboratory Grade Cork Stoppers are solid type corks, and have a variety of useful applications.

GSC International Borosilicate Glass Tubing, 48 in. length Products for Science Education

Contructed from borosilicate gas for greater heat tolerance. GSC International Borosilicate Glass Tubing is available in a variety of diameters for different applications.

GSC International Ascaris and Onion Mitosis Microscope Slide

Shows animal and plant mitosis in comparision

Brady™ Steel Ball, Drilled

Steel physics balls can serve many different purposes in a classroom or lab setting. The GSC Steel Ball has a drilled hole.

GSC International Burettes with Glass Stopcocks Products for Science Education

Glass burette with ground glass stockcocks.

GSC International Typical Monocot Stem Microscope Slides Products for Science Education

Shows anatomy of various monocot stems

Brady™ Support Ring Clamp

Great for holding all sorts of lab equipment in a small space. Works best with GSC Support Stands and Rods. The GSC Support Ring Clamp is a cast-iron clamp with nickel plated steel set screws. Can be clamped to a support stand rod for holding lab equipment.

GSC Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup

Helps to visually demonstrate electro-chemical changes taking place. The GSC Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup is supplied with electrodes that includes; copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, brass, iron and nickel, round carbon rod and a porous cup. The Voltaic Cell is ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of a primary cell.

GSC International Burette Double Clamp with Coated Jaws

Securely holds two burettes simultaneously.

GSC Double Burette Clamp

A clamp specifically designed to use with burettes. The GSC Double Burette Clamp holds a burette securely while allowing full view of the burette graduations. The clamp accepts rods from 1/4 in. to 1/2 in. in diameter. The clamp has an enamel finish with rubber coated grips to prevent slippage.

GSC International Sintered Glass Funnels Products for Science Education

Quality borosilicate glass funnel with porous filter plate.

Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads Products for Science Education

Keep your surfaces safe from hot items. The GSC International Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads are made from flexible alumina and silica oxides.


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GSC’s mission is to make science fun! Our tag line is “Go Science Crazy,” GSC provides relevant, quality, educational materials and lab supplies to assist teachers in educating future scientists. Our team has provided interactive and engaging science materials for more than 50 years.

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