Industrial Fiber Optics Inc

Unbreakable Mirrors <img src=

Unbreakable Mirrors Products for Science Education

Acrylic mirrors that will not break.

Standard Output Lasers <img src=

Standard Output Lasers Products for Science Education

The standard in He-Ne lasers.

Polarizing Film <img src=

Polarizing Film Products for Science Education

Demonstrate that light is a transverse wave.

Replacement Parts for Educational Products and Kits <img src=

Replacement Parts for Educational Products and Kits Products for Science Education

Replacement parts for fiber optic includes mirrors and bench.

Color Filter Sets <img src=

Color Filter Sets Products for Science Education

Explore the science of colors.

Laser Optics Lab <img src=

Laser Optics Lab Products for Science Education

Provides the basic optional and mechanical components for optics studies.