Polarizing Film Products for Science Education

Demonstrate that light is a transverse wave.

Color Filter Sets Products for Science Education

Explore the science of colors.

Industrial Fiber Optics Digital Laser Power Meter Products for Science Education

Multi-purpose instrument with degree of accuracy required for many research applications and CDRH compliance measurements.

Complete Optical Bench System Products for Science Education

Quality, long-lasting instruments for use with a laser.

Modulated Hard-Seal Lasers Products for Science Education

Rugged, reliable lasers perform all the functions of a regular laser and more.

Industrial Fiber Optics Standard Output Lasers Products for Science Education

The standard in He-Ne lasers.

Laser Optics Lab Products for Science Education

Provides the basic optional and mechanical components for optics studies.

Unbreakable Mirrors Products for Science Education

Acrylic mirrors that will not break.

Industrial FiberOptics Replacement Parts for Educational Products and Kits Products for Science Education

Replacement parts for fiber optic includes mirrors and bench.