Morphix Technologies

Morphix Technologies Color Comparators for SafeAir™ Detection Badges

Use to determine the exact exposure dose indicated on a SafeAir badge.

Morphix Technologies Color Comparators for ChromAir™ Passive Sampling Systems

Use with ChromAir badge to determine the exact dose of a specific contaminant present in the workplace.

Morphix Technologies ChromAir™ Passive Sampling Badges

Built-in scale features six dose ranges. Morphix Technologies ChromAir Passive Sampling Quantitative Badges provide a cost-effective means of sampling for gases and vapors and are ideal for personnel and area monitoring.

Morphix Technologies Chameleon Chemical Detection Cassettes

Refills for Chameleon chemical detection armband.

Morphix Technologies SafeAir™ Detection Badges

Single-level screening badges provide economical daily exposure monitoring.