Promega Corporation

Promega™ Blue/Orange Loading Dye, 6X

For loading DNA samples onto nondenaturing gels

Promega™ Griess Reagent System

Measures nitrite (NO2-), one of two primary stable and nonvolatile breakdown products of nitric oxide (NO)

Promega™ Go Taq™ Master Mixes

Save time during reaction setup and PCR product analysis

Promega NanoBRET TE Intracellular Kinase Assay, K-5, 100 assays

The NanoBRET Target Engagement (TE) Assay measures compound binding at select kinase targets within intact cells. The assay is based on the NanoBRET System, an energy transfer technique designed to measure molecular proximity in living cells.

Promega™ Luciferase Assay Systems

Extremely sensitive and rapid systems for the quantification of firefly luciferase

Promega™ Transfection Carrier DNA

Plasmid DNA used to dilute expression or reporter vectors for transfection. This product is made from pGEM™-3Zf(-) Vector but has been purified using a method that results in low endotoxin carryover, making it more suitable for use in transfecting mammalian cells.

Promega™ CellTiter-Glo™ Luminescent Cell Viability Assay Kit

Luminescent method for determining the number of viable cells in culture based on the amount of ATP present

5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-βD-galactopyranoside, Promega™

CAS: 7240-90-6 Molecular Formula: C14H15BrClNO6 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 408.629 InChI Key: OPIFSICVWOWJMJ-AEOCFKNESA-N Synonym: X-Gal PubChem CID: 65181 ChEBI: CHEBI:75055

Promega™ ProteaseMAX™ Surfactant, Trypsin Enhancer

Designed to improve in-gel and in-solution protein digestion

Promega™ Gel Shift Binding 5X Buffer

For use with Gel Shift Assay Systems to study sequence-specific DNA binding proteins, such as transcription factors.

Promega™ Growth Factors

Obtained from recombinant human DNA expressed in E. coli (rh), male mouse submaxillary glands (m), or natural human sources

Promega™ Maxwell™ RSC simplyRNA Tissue Kit

Automated RNA purification from tissues using a low elution volume using the Maxwell™ RSC Instrument. The Maxwell™ RSC simplyRNA Tissue Kit provides the necessary reagents for processing samples and uses prefilled cartridges for purification, maximizing simplicity and convenience.

Promega™ Steady-Glo™ Luciferase Assay System

Provides long-lived luminescence when added to cultured cells

Promega™ Caspase-Glo™ 3/7 Assay Kit

Provides a homogeneous luminescent assay that measures Caspase-3/7 activities

Promega Rapid Digestion Kit---Trypsin/Lys-C, 100microg

The Rapid Trypsin and Rapid Trypsin/Lys-C Digestion Kits are designed to shorten protein digestion times to 60 minutes versus the typical 4-18 hours.

Promega Nano-Glo HiBiT Lytic Detection System, 100ml

Accurately quantify Any HiBiT Tagged Protein Expressed in Cells in an antibody free, plate based method.

Promega™ pGEM™-T and pGEM™-T Easy Vector Systems

Convenient systems for the routine subcloning of PCR products

Promega™ Recombinant RNasin™ Ribonuclease Inhibitor

Ideal for any application where eukaryotic RNase contamination is a potential problem

Promega NanoLuc-MAP4K1 Fusion Vector, 20microg

The NanoLuc Kinase Fusion Vectors contains the coding region of the indicated human kinase fused to either the C- or the N-terminus of NanoLuc luciferase. Designed for use with the NanoBRET Target Engagement (TE) Intracellular Kinase Assay.

Promega™ Bio-Glo™ Luciferase Assay System

Stable, inhibitor-resistant luciferase reagent for bioassays.

Promega™ Digitonin Detergent Solution

Detergent solution for permeabilizing cells.

Promega™ Gel Drying Kit

Convenient, economical alternative to expensive gel dryers and vacuum systems

Promega™ Turner Designs Luminometer Model TD-20/20 Accessories

For the now-discontinued TD-20/20 luminometer

Promega™ Trypsin Gold, Mass Spectrometry Grade

Manufactured to provide maximum specificity

Promega SRC-NanoLuc Fusion Vector, 20microg

Used as a standard cloning vector, a template for in vitro transcription or for production of circular ssDNA.

Promega™ NanoBRET™ Nano-Glo™ Detection System

Dedicated detection for NanoBRET™ protein interaction assays.

Promega™ Dual-Luciferase™ Reporter (DLR™) Assay Systems

Combine the speed and sensitivity of two luciferase reporter enzymes into an integrated single-tube dual reporter assay

Promega™ ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay

One assay for all your kinase screening needs. The assay is well suited for measuring the effects of chemical compounds on the activity of many purified kinases, making it ideal for primary screening as well as kinase selectivity profiling.

Promega™ dNTP Mix

High-purity dNTPs are >98% pure