Paulson Mfg

Paulson Industrial Face Shield

An injection molded shield measuring 8 x 15.5 x .060 in. Universal hole pattern: the attachment pattern is a series of slots designed to fit a large variety of headgear and cap/hat brackets.

Paulson Shield Labels

Provide positive identification at a distance

Paulson KneeShield

For use in corrections-inmate confrontations and control

Paulson A-TAC™ Firefighter Goggles

Designed for the wildland firefighter

Paulson Hat Bracket for Face Shield

Compatible with Paulson Industrial Face Shield (19-816-430).

Paulson A-TAC™ Firefighter Goggles: Wildland

Designed for the wildland firefighter

Paulson Corrections Faceshield

Fit standard military-style and most police helmets

Paulson A-TAC™ Firefighter Goggles: Structural

Designed for protection when fighting wild or structural fires.

Paulson A-TAC™ “FRAG” Goggles (TF Series)

Fit all helmets used in tactical deployment

Paulson Lexan™ Standard Body Shield

Unique hardware mounting system reduces likelihood of shield cracking