Retsch, Inc.

RETSCH Comfort Clamping Device for AS 200 Sieve Shakers

Provides reliable, quick and convenient clamping of sieves in dry operation.

Retsch™ Stainless Steel Collecting Pan for Test Sieves

Collects resulting samples from test sieves. These stainless steel pans are compatible with multiple test sieves and sieve shakers, based upon the required diameter.

RETSCH ZM200 Ultra Centrifugal Mill: Distance Sieves

For temperature-sensitive materials

RETSCH Test Sieves - 14 Mesh or Greater

Stainless steel with wire gauze

RETSCH Mixer Mill Grinding Jar

Stainless-steel grinding jars for use in MM200 Mixer Mill

RETSCH ZM200 Ultra Centrifugal Mill: Ring Sieves

Stainless-steel sieves for use with ZM200 Ultra Centrifugal Mill

RETSCH Accessories for Knife Mill Grindomix GM200

Accessories for use with Knife Mill Grindomix GM200

RETSCH PM 100 Planterary Ball Mill Grinding Balls

For use with Retsch PM 100 and PM 200 Planetary Ball Mills

RETSCH Mixer Mill Grinding Balls

Stainless steel grinding balls for use in mixer mills

RETSCH Test Sieves - 13 Mesh or Less

Stainless steel with wire gauze

RETSCH CryoMill Grinding Jar

Helps provide efficient milling

RETSCH Safe-Lock Reaction Vials

Mixer mill accessories: reaction vials

RETSCH Drying Container

Used for Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200.

RETSCH Knife Mill Grindomix GM300 Accessories: Grinding Containers

Accessories for Knife Mill Grindomix GM300.

RETSCH Knife Mill Grindomix GM300

For size reduction, homogenization and mixing

RETSCH MM 400 Mixer Mills: Grinding Balls

For use with MM 400 Mixer Mills


Specially designed for the processing of foods and feeds for subsequent NIR analysis.

RETSCH Analytical Sieve Shaker AS 200 Digit Test Sieve Lid

Features improved handling and service life for the sieves

Retsch™ MM 400 Mixer Mill

Developed specially for dry, wet, and cryogenic grinding of small amounts of sample. The MM 400 Mixer Mill provides powerful grinding by impact and friction, up to 30 Hz for up to 20 samples per run. The degree of mixing can be increased even further by using several smaller balls.

RETSCH 12mm Bead Agate Grinding Ball

For use in the MM200 Mixer Mill (Cat. No. 08-417-58)

RETSCH Pestle for RM 200 Mortar Grinder

For use with Retsch RM 200 Mortar Grinder