Restek Corporation

Restek™ Inlet Seals

Replacement seals for Agilent™ 5890/6890/6850 split/splitless injection ports

Restek™ RTX™-5MS Capillary Columns, 30m and Under: I.D. 0.25mm Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Provides a tight mono-modal distribution and extremely low bleed

Restek™ BTO™ Septa: With CenterGuide

Plasma coating eliminates sticking in the injection port

Restek™ Super-Clean™ Gas Filters

Gas filter cartridges with a high-purity output to ensure 99.9% pure gas for laboratories

Restek™ Detector Lamps

Used for waters detectors or for Agilent HPLC Systems

Restek™ Needle Seat Assembly for Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Model 1100)

Needle Seat Assembly for Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Model 1100)

Restek™ Replacement Split/Splitless Weldment

Direct replacement for Agilent 5890 and 6890/6850 GCs

Restek™ Wall-Mount Cylinder Holder

Prevent free-standing gas cylinders from tipping over and injuring personnel

Restek™ Compact Ferrules: Graphite

For Agilent™ 5890, 6890, and 6850 columns

Restek™ Merlin Microseal Septa

Parts and replacement septa

Restek™ Straight Inlet Liners with Wool, I.D.4mm

For use with Agilent GCs equipped with split or splitless inlets.

Restek™ Replacement Split/Splitless Injection Ports: Replacement Weldments

Replacement weldments for Agilent 5890 and 6890/6850 GCs

Restek™ Handheld Electronic Leak Detector

Detects minute leaks of gases with a thermal conductivity different from air

Restek™ ProFLOW 6000 Electronic Flowmeter

With hard-sided carrying case

Restek™ Capillary Dedicated FID Jet for Agilent™ 6890/6850 GC

Fluted tip guides the capillary column into the jet

Restek™ Parker Balston™ Zero Air Generators: Replacement Catalyst Towers

Replacement Catalyst Towers for Parker Balston Zero Air generators.

Restek™ Q-sep™ QuEChERS dSPE Tubes for Extract Clean-Up

Fast, simple sample prep for multiresidue pesticide analysis.

Restek™ Outlet Ball Valve for Binary Pump of Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Models 1100, 1200)

Outlet Ball Valve for Binary Pump of Agilent™ HPLC Systems (Models 1100, 1200)

Restek™ Opti-Cap Bottles

Graduated, safety-coated bottles with GL-45 threads.

Restek™ Capillary FID Jets for Agilent™ 5890/6890/6850 GC

Fluted tip to guide the capillary column into the jet

Inlet Liners for Splitless Injection—Gooseneck Splitless with FS Wool from Restek

Useful for splitless mode of operation and slow injections, small (<2μL) sample volumes, and high-boiling point solvent systems.

Restek™ Chrome-Plated Brass Gas Regulator

For use with noncorrosive, high-purity or liquified gases

Restek™ ASI Piston Seals

For Agilent HPLC Systems.

Restek™ Resprep 12- or 24-Port Tube Manifold

Use with any standard male luer end SPE cartridges.

Restek™ High-Capacity Oxygen and Moisture Traps

Reduce oxygen or water to less than 15ppb

Thermolite™ Septa from Restek

Precision molding ensures consistent, accurate fit

Restek™ Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter

Cuts polymeric tubing up to 1/8 in. OD

Restek™ 8mm Starburst Plugs for Shell Vials

Secure samples with these plugs, created specifically for shell vials